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How to find your ball on the green

Written by Fiona

February 27 2018

Losing a ball is the bane of many golfers. Here are a few tips to help you the next time you need to go searching.

Don’t turn away

We know that when your ball goes veering off, your first instinct is to turn round and sigh. Whatever you do, keep your eye trained on the ball and where it lands. This is how you’re going to find it when you’re ready to get back in the game. This might seem like an obvious tip, but the chances are you turn round when this happens to you.

Try to be realistic

If you want to find your ball, then you need to be realistic. If it flies off into a wooded area or deep into the grass, you’re probably not going to get that back. Even if you do manage to find a ball, you might not be able to identify it as your own if you use a popular brand. You may want to check out the personalised balls you can get over at TGW if this happens to you all too often.

Ask for help

Those around the area or those playing with you will probably be happy to spare five minutes to help you look. While you may still not be successful in finding your ball, you’re a lot more likely to find it if you have more pairs of eyes to help you out.

Most golfers have been in the same situation and will be only too happy to join in the hunt. Remember to help out other golfers and they’ll be more likely to help you when you need it.

Look for signs

Lines in the sand, disrupted grass and even other players can give you a sign as to which way your ball went. They’ll be able to give you a heads up as to where the ball is, not just where you think it might be.

When watching the ball, you may have sworn it went one way, only to find it went in a totally different direction. This is especially common if it’s sunny out, as it’s harder to see where it actually went. If it’s windy, then it’s even more difficult as the breeze can set your ball way off course.

Don’t disrupt the green

If your ball is within easy distance, but not where you want it to be, then you might be accustomed to throwing a tantrum. Bashing your club on the ground or stomping your feet is a serious no no, if that ball moves then you’ll be penalised as a result. You don’t want to ruin a good play by doing something as stupid as this.

Some balls that go missing will never be found again, but if you follow our advice you’ll be a bit more likely to get them back – after all you don’t want to be shelling out for these every time you play.

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