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Review: Berghaus Tephra stretch down jacket

Written by Fiona

February 14 2018

The Berghaus Tephra stretch down insulated jacket is made for cold weather activities. It is a lightweight jacket that has an athletic fit.

Features include:

  • Ethically sourced Hydrodown, which is treated with NikWax for water-repellency
  • Quick drying down.
  • Down insulation where you need it, on the front and back panels, arms and hood.
  • Stretch side panels for a snug fit and breathability.
  • Windproofing thanks to a Pertex outer fabric.
  • Two large hand pockets with zips.
  • Weight (approx.): Female: 373g and male: 477g

Buy on-line or from outdoor stores priced around £170. See

Women’s Berghaus Tephra stretch down insulated jacket.

On test: Berghaus Tephra stretch down jacket

The great thing about Berghaus is how much they have improved the fit of their women’s clothing over the years. It used to be that a size small was too large and box shaped for me. Then they designed their female jackets with too much emphasis, in my opinion, on the typical women’s figure ie with big hips and boobs. Finally, however, I think Berghaus are getting it right. Well, they are getting it right for me!

For someone who is slim and athletic-ish (as I imagine I am!), the new Berghaus Tephra jacket fits like a glove. I am usually a tall size UK10 and the women’s size small is perfect without being too short or too tight.

Neat fitting hood.

The design includes both a lightweight down fill and stretch side panels. This simply adds to the snug fit and comfort. You can usually tell when I like a new review product because I choose to wear it all the time. This is what has happened with the Tephra jacket.

It is a great jacket for wearing as an outer layer on cool but not too chilly days. And then, if temperatures drop or at higher altitude, it is slim enough to add on another layer or two.

Berghaus state that the “ethically sourced hydrophobic down, Hydrodown powered by NikWax, offers for long-lasting warmth that keeps on working for up to 16 hours when wet”. I haven’t tested it to that extent but I have found that even on damp days when I have been caught out in the rain, the jacket still provides a reasonable level of warmth.

I do get cold, though, so I would not want to be out for too long in this jacket without another layer but it does offer a pretty impressive level of warmth for the weight.

I have found the jacket to be really useful after exercise, too. I often need a warm layer after a run or a bike ride. The jacket has been a great asset over the past wee while of winter training.

The jacket also appears to provide good windproofing. I wore it on a windy and chilly day recently and discovered it still kept me warm.

I also really like the hood. It is neat fitting and cosy. It doesn’t fall down when it is windy and it also fits nicely under a waterproof jacket hood.

The zipped pockets are large and feel like they are lined with a durable and maybe waterproof fabric. I don’t know this for sure though, so I wouldn’t trust a precious smartphone or similar to the pockets on a very wet day but it is good to feel like the pockets will withstand use.

The jackets a made in male and female designs and in two brighter colours as well as black.

Stretch side panels.

£170 is not cheap, however. Many lightweight down jackets now sell for this sort of price, though, so I presume that is what we have to pay. It does seem to be the case that the lighter and more technical the jacket the higher the price tag these days.

Overall, this is an impressive jacket and now a firm favourite in my extensive outdoors wardrobe.

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