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How to maintain the perfect garden

Written by Fiona

March 08 2018

Creating a beautiful garden can often take time, patience and hard work. Thankfully, the end result will make all the effort worth it. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the gardening process, so you can enjoy a stunning space throughout the seasons. Find out how to maintain the perfect garden.

Pick the perfect plants

While you are free to choose any plants and flowers you like for your garden, you should try to make an informed decision, especially if you’re new to gardening. There are some plants that will thrive in the summer sun, while others may need to experience a little shade to flourish in the great outdoors. Always learn more about the flowers or plants before incorporating them into your exterior design.

Clean your garden in autumn

Autumn is the best time to clean your garden, regardless of the climate. It’s an effective way to both prevent and control diseases in the outdoors. For example, dead leaves and debris will attack any emerging leaves in your outdoor space, which can stop you from developing a beautiful exterior by spring. Iris leaf spots and black spots on roses are a prime example of diseases within your garden, which you can substantially reduce by simply clearing away old leaves during autumn.

If you don’t have time yourself consider a professional garden maintenance service.

Install a pond filter system

Keep your pond or water features both clean and healthy by choosing the right pond filtration system. They play an integral role in maintaining its ecological balance so that you can enjoy a stunning pond or water feature every day. It is, however, important to select the right pond filter system for your needs. For example, a water feature may need a different system in comparison to a koi pond filter system. Visit Water Garden to discover the best pond filter systems to help you maintain a clean and stylish exterior.

Water your lawn
Every lawn needs water to flourish throughout the seasons, but how you water your garden will make a dramatic difference to your outdoor space. While your grass needs water, the diseases will also depend on it too. You must, therefore, prevent giving the diseases the environment they need to grow, so select a watering method that reduces moisture within the plants’ foliage.

It is beneficial to the health of your lawn to use a drip irrigation or soaker hose to water your garden.  It’s important to store your hose properly as well to keep it in good shape.

If you plan to water your lawn by hand, simply hold the leaves away from the grass, so it will only hydrate the roots.

Tree surgery

Take a look higher than eye level to see if there are any trees in your garden that need attention. There maybe trees that require to be reduced in size or height or even removed. Check out companies, such as

A glass act

Making sure everything is in tip top shape is very important when you are doing your garden. Little things such as checking you green house has fresh greenhouse glass can make all of the difference.

Space your plants with a border

Many homeowners don’t consider the importance of spacing their plants when tending to their garden. Unfortunately, crowded plants can develop their own humidity, which can provide a haven for diseases to grow and can cause them to grow poorly, as they will experience a lack of light, water, and essential nutrients.

Try to add a little space between the plants with a border, which will give them enough space to develop. As a result, it can increase the airflow surrounding the plants, which can reduce humidity and increase moisture.

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