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Review: ArcticDry Waterproof Socks

Written by Fiona

April 24 2018

I have been testing ArcticDry Waterproof Socks. They are made with a triple layer technology to “protect your feet from the elements no matter what sport you are doing”. It’s said they are “warm yet light, comfortable yet tough and, most importantly, 100% waterproof.”

I confess I have long been sceptical about waterproof socks. I know friends who run and cycle in waterproof socks and are fond of telling me how warm and dry their feet are while my feet are too often wet, freezing and numb.

Yet every pair of waterproof socks I have tried to date have felt too big, thick, bulky, stiff and basically rather uncomfortable. I am quite sensitive about the socks I wear and they must fit well, feel comfy and not have any annoying bits and seams to rub my skin.

So, I didn’t imagine the latest pair of test socks would be any different. Except they really are!

On test: ArcticDry Waterproof Socks

To start with the socks feel like ordinary socks. They stretch to fit and the are soft and comfortable on the skin. They do not feel stiff or too bulky, even at the toes. The outer and inner layer of the socks are made or sock-like fabric. I presume the mid layer is the waterproof layer.

I worry perhaps that the socks are a little too snug and my toes will wear through at the front of the socks but so far they have been fine.

The socks feel warm. In winter this will be a bonus but in the summer you might find your feet sweat a bit. However, I do think I would reserve these socks for winter or for very wet weather when my feet are unlikely to overheat.

The next test was the waterproofing. The information told me they were 100% waterproof. So I took the socks for a couple of walks to places where I know it is always very wet underfoot. In fact, it’s not difficult to find wet and boggy hillsides in Scotland and I chose wet, squelchy, muddy terrain and puddles.

I took my hiking boots off and walked around in the wet, mud and puddles. I stood in several puddles and generally squelched around the hillside.

On another walk I kept my boots on and let the water envelop the boots and socks.

Every time the socks kept my feet completely dry.

The socks do fit snugly around the ankle as well so even if your ankles go underwater the socks still keep out the wet. If walking through water for a long time or when cycling in torrential rain I might expect there to be a a bit of water that seeps over the top of the ankle and down into the foot but it would take a lot of wet for this to happen.

The socks are suggested for use for cyclists, hikers, snowboarders and fisherman. I know people who use them for running in wet weather. The socks are a bit thick for my neat fitting trainers but they fit well inside my walking boots and winter cycling shoes.

These socks are definite keepers. They are priced at £21.99 from Amazon and see ArcticDry.

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