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7 creative ways to be thrifty when travelling

Written by Fiona

May 02 2018

Overseas travel can be pricey, especially when the British pound is weak, but don’t give up your hopes of a a dream trip. Instead, follow some of these great tips for being a thrifty traveller.

1. Travel off-season 

In Europe, October through April is an off-season with many economic travel benefits. Also avoid British school holidays if you can and travel during term times (only possible it you don’t have kids at school). While the weather might be less certain out of the high seasons times you can get lucky. For example, spring and autumn are great for cheaper breaks and the weather can often be kind in Europe.

Also look at travel destinations further afield. Sometimes an off-season trip to far-flung countries can save the most money when looking at flights and accommodation.

When you travel off-season, you:

  • Spend less time in queues.
  • Get more budget-friendly rooms.
  • Get cheaper airfare.
  • Meet many Europeans to teach you their culture.

2 Eat like the locals 

There are many touristy restaurants that work hard to serve up the best food but for a cheaper option when on holiday it;s often better to find the local cafes and restaurants. These are the places where the locals choose to eat and they tend to be a lot cheaper.  The menu of a local restaurant is usually handwritten and short. Look out for the daily specials, too.

3. Buy picnics

Picnics are far cheaper than eating out for lunch – and even dinner – and you can eat a picnic when and where you fancy. Buy your favourite picnic foods from supermarkets and find a nice spot with a great view to eat. 

4. Pay cheaper

Search on-line for cheaper ways to take money abroad. Look for travel specific credit cards with zero or cheaper commission or take a travel card loaded with foreign money. Alternatively, take money out of an ATM when you need it. It’s usually a better deal to withdraw more money at once because many banks charge a set fee rather than a percentage for this service. 

5. Dial direct

While mobile phones are useful when abroad there can be extra charges for accessing this service, especially when you are outside of Europe or can;t find wifi. There are cheaper ways to keep in touch with friends and family back home, such as international phone cards. 

6. Book smart

If you have a destination bucket list, set up an alert on-line for bargain holidays to this country and see what pops into your email. Check out websites, too, for deals or browse Celebrity’s Cruise deals today.

7. Time for a staycation 

Why not do what so many more people are doing and book a staycation? It’s often cheaper to travel in your home country and how many times have you said you would love to see a new place not too many miles from where you live? For budget trips you could camp or swap a home with a friend for a couple of weeks.

Travelling overseas for less money is always going to put a smile on your face – and it means you can save money for your next holiday. too.

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