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Top tips for choosing a big house for a weekend away

Written by Fiona

June 21 2018

Whether it’s for a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding, or simply because you fancy getting together with a group of friends, booking a big house for a weekend away is a great idea.

There are plenty of options for large group accommodation across the UK and they range hugely in size.

I have enjoyed many short breaks with friends and it is usually me who does the booking. I have learnt a few tips from experience and I am sharing them here so you chose the perfect big house for time away with friends and/or family.

Book a big house for a group of friends.

9 tips for the perfect big house get-away

 Set a budget: It’s easy to get carried away when looking for the ideal big group house or party houses, especially when you spot lovely extras such as hot tubs, in-house catering, chauffeurs and entertainers. If you can stretch to the extra cost, then go for it but it’s vital that you have a total budget in mind before booking.

Ask your friends and family what their maximum spend per night will be. If you are paying for it all yourself decide what you want to spend per night or in total. Most websites allow you to search according to budget.

Be flexible: If you want to make the most of a budget, consider booking a break outside of busy holiday periods. For example, a school term-time or mid-week break can often be cheaper per night.

If a big house requests you must book for three or seven nights only and you want to stay for fewer nights or more nights, put in a request to ask for this change. Many owners will accommodate customised requests if they possibly can. 

Who will be making cocktails?

Give yourself space: It can be tempting to book a property where every suggested bed and sofa-bed is filled but sometimes that can feel a bit cramped. Try to have a couple of bed spaces spare so that you can spread out a bit and anyone who prefers a room on their own can pay a bit extra to do so.

Be a matchmaker: Ask who wants to share rooms and who would prefer to sleep in their own. Some people find it hard to share if there is a snorer or if they are used to their own space. It’s better to ask people to pay a bit extra and allow them to sleep well than to force people to share. 

Where will you go?: Draw up a shortlist of suggested destinations. You could ask friends to make suggestions according to what they like to do. For example, I once booked a house in the Scottish Highlands for a group of keen walkers and cyclists. I chose the house based on the location.

If people enjoy sight-seeing, eating out or city breaks then it’s important to choose your large group accommodation accordingly.

Set one or two people the task of bringing breakfasts.

Urban or rural: While the country offers lots of opportunity for outdoor pursuits, booking a large house closer to a town or city will have the benefit of cafes and restaurants within walking distance. This could be important if you are a party group looking to enjoy the nightlife as well as daytime attractions.

Who will be cooking?: Many larger groups will share the cooking, as well as enjoying a meal out on one or two nights. Rather than everyone arriving with food for every meal, you could plan ahead and suggest that one person or a couple look after breakfast food, while other people bring food for lunches and other people providing different evening meals.

Bring your own booze: Everyone will have his or her preferred tipples so it is better if you all bring what you prefer. Maybe someone could be in charge of cocktails one evening?

And specialisms?: Within a group there is likely to be an expert on different subjects, such as someone who loves to plan a walk, another person who likes wildlife, someone who is a foodie. You could organise a group activity, such as hot air ballooning, go-karting or a guided wildlife trip. Ask people in the group to come up with ideas for things to do during your time away in a big house and let them organise an activity each.

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