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Vegas Summer Nights: A guide to outdoor dining, entertainment and more

Written by Fiona

June 21 2018

Many people look forward to spending a night or two in Las Vegas in the US state of Nevada during a holiday. And it’s the night-time that is the right time to go out and enjoy yourself. The best plan for your stay is to rest during the day – it can be hot and humid outdoors in the daytime anyway – so you can break loose after the sun sets. You will never run out of options when it comes to Vegas nights. You can enjoy the best games but spend less in a casino or simply have a romantic evening with your partner!

Where to eat out 

If you want a fancy meal, then you can head up to one of the many fancy restaurants in Vegas. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Atomic Liquors & The Kitchen at Atomic: If you want some excellent alcohol options, then you can head to these patios. Try something from their menu of cocktails and then feast on Justin Kingsley Hall’s food.
  • Americana: Chef Stephen Blandino created this lakeside restaurant and it serves some of the most amazing food.
  • Beerhaus: If beer is your life, then you must visit this beerhall. It has live music and hot dogs happy hours. Need we say more?
  • Herringbone: If you want a more isolated and peaceful outdoor space, then you cannot go wrong with the Strip, which is Herringbone’s beautiful patio.
  • Carson Kitchen: Launched by the late Kerry Simon, the restaurant has a rooftop patio that exudes metropolitan charm.
  • Hexx: Want to be hip? Try this Parisian Las Vegas kitchen which offers amazing drink options and delectable food.
  • Charleston Lodge: Not only is it a dog-friendly patio, but it also has awesome live music.
  • Oak & Ivy: This is the perfect cocktail lounge where you can spend some time in peace.

Las Vegas at night.

Outdoor activities

There are some great options for outdoors fun.

  • First Friday: If you love a good festival, then you should head to the Downtown Arts District’s monthly festival where you can find vendors, food trucks and different kinds of art.
  • Goldstrom’s Night Swap at ReBar: This is a unique event where owners of vintage automobiles are invited to display them, followed by a nighttime swap meet.
  • Sports: Want to catch a match the Las Vegas Way? The Valley’s longtime Triple-A baseball team makes for a good evening watch. You can also watch the Las Vegas Lights FC in a game, and make a picnic out of it.
  • Concerts and Screenings: You can watch giant screenings of your favourite movies under the Vegas’ nighttime sky at different venues. Enquire about upcoming concerts in Mandalay Beach.
  • Planespotting and stargazing: If you want to try something new, head over to McCarran International Airport’s viewing area, which will let you watch planes. You can also become a part of a stargazing group.
  • Casino hopping: One casino is never enough! Spend the night visiting different casinos and having the time of your life,
  • Hikes: A nighttime hike will be the rush of adrenaline that you are craving. There are countless options to choose from.

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