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10 Golden Rules For Hassle-Free Air Travel

Written by Fiona

July 06 2018

When traveling is mixed with flying, the trip can be exhausting and overwhelming. Packing, checking in for flights and hotels, securing a rental car and more can turn a fun vacation away into a nightmare. Follow these tips for an easier start to your holiday.

Check in Before You Get to the Airport

Checking in for a flight from the comfort of your own home makes your time at the airport less stressful. You’ll know where you are seated, what the status of the flight is and you will be able to go through the bag dropping process at the airport much faster. Consider speedy boarding if you want even less hassle, although this can be costly with some air carriers.

Fly With Your Trusted Airline 

Airlines are a competitive arena. Everyone seems to be offering gimmicks and promotions to get you to choose them. While price is important, your stress levels should be considered, too. Fly with the airline you like the most. If you were to search for Mango flights to Cape Town, you will discover different airlines flying to the same place – many at similar prices – but it is always better to go with the one you trust and like the most.

Pack to Stay Entertained

Take a cabin bag with you that is filled with items that will keep you entertained during your flight. Delays can happen and flying always entails hours of sitting around so you should think about a book (hard copy or Kindle), music, film downloads on your tablet and quiet smartphone based games to play etc. 

Always be Early

It is always better to be early whenever it comes to flying. You never know what you may encounter. Bad traffic on the way to the airport, queues at bag drop off, problems with baggage, security queue delays and even airlines switching gates. It is far less stressful to be early than to be rushing and worrying about missing the flight.

Travel Rested

Many flights result in jet lag, or flights can be really early or really late at night. Adjust your sleep schedule before you take your flight so that you are refreshed and ready to go when the plane lands. Most people cannot rely on sleeping on a plane, so do yourself a favour and get some extra sleep before the plane takes off.

Another tip used by many travellers is to set your watch to the time of the country where you will land when you board the plane. That way you will be preparing yourself mentally for the time difference well ahead of schedule.

Plan for Baggage

For speed and ease, it is easier to travel with cabin baggage rather than hold baggage if you reasonably can.  Check what the size restrictions are on hold luggage and buy a bag that is as large as possible within these dimensions. If it has wheels it will be easier to transport.

If you need to take hold luggage, you should check the weight restrictions. Buy a suitcase that is brightly coloured and easy to spot on the luggage conveyor belt. Most airports have now upgraded their airport baggage handling systems, so this, paired with having the ability to spot your luggage straightaway, should help to speed up the process. Also, it is worth noting that a suitcase on wheels is far easier to move around.

Don’t Rush to Board the Plane

Your ticket secures you a seat. Most airlines have assigned seating, so rushing to board the plane will only stress you out and cause more chaos at the plane entrance. Once everyone else has boarded the plane, you can board. At this point, there will be no chaos as everyone who wanted to be on the plane first is already boarded.

Research Seats Before You Choose Them

Some people prefer window seats, some like to be as far away from the restroom as possible and some want to stay far away from the wings. Always pay attention to the seating charts provided by airlines when you purchase your tickets. Also check out seat guru for more information. 

Make the Best of It

If you are traveling alone, you never know who may be sitting next to you. Use this as an opportunity to get to know someone new. You will be forced to sit inches away from them for however long your flight is, so see if they want to spend some of that time talking to you. If they do, the flight will go by faster. If they don’t, just pop on your headphones and move on. And if you like to have time to yourself, take ear plugs and pop those in so people will know you want to be left to your own flight.

Know the Airport You Land At

Get the lay of the land of the airport you land at before you arrive. Know where different gates are located if you have a connecting flight, where the baggage claim is and where restrooms and eating places are at. Having a plan in advance will calm you and make sure you have downtime planned out. This also will help if your flight is delayed and you have to rush to a connecting flight.

Flying for travel should always be enjoyed, not stressed about. There are so many things that you can do to make your trip enjoyable and without any stress. Just remember that stress is something you can manage is you put the proper time into planning out your trip. Plan out the details of your trip in advance, and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight to wherever your destination may be.

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