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A Tour Around England

Written by Fiona

August 10 2018

England has so much to offer an intrepid explorer with plenty of glorious places to visit in both the north and the south of the country. If you’re in the process of devising a list of towns and cities to visit and sights to see, then be open to new suggestions and figure out how you’re going to navigate from A to B using helpful maps and smartphone apps. Although England is a small country in comparison to others worldwide, it has more than its fair share of diverse activities and sights.

The Capital

London is a fabulous destination.

No tour of England would be complete without a weekend spent in the capital city, London. It’s advised to have a least a week here to explore the many parks and gardens, museums and galleries, and the landmarks that make London world acclaimed. If your tour of London is something of a whistle-stop one, then here are five things that you must do:

  • Visit a West End theatre production
  • Experience London with a view from the London Eye
  • Grab a bite to eat in Covent Garden and Camden
  • Mooch about in Notting Hill
  • Head into central London via the tube system and see the River Thames.

For making the above suggestions a reality, you should purchase tickets for plays in London well in advance, just as you should try to get to the front of the queue to the London Eye as early in the morning as you can.

Covent Garden to Camden requires a 27-minute tube journey and Notting Hill is situated between Kensington, North Kensington, and Shepherd’s Bush.

The Countryside

The pretty Cotswolds.

If you enjoy losing yourself in nature and wide open expanses, then England won’t let you down. It’s home to some of the most stunning scenery seen throughout Europe, although if you’re from England then, of course, you’re probably biased. If you need some gentle persuasion and evidence of this, however, just look at the likes of The South Downs, The Lake District, The Cotswolds, and The Yorkshire Dales.

The North

Manchester Cathedral is well worth a visit.

It’s not too much colder in the north of England, so there’s no need to prepare for Antarctic temperatures, despite what you’ve been told. Having said this, if you’re coming to England during the winter months, then, yes, you should have a warm coat at the ready. The North features the second largest cities in England – Birmingham and Manchester.

Birmingham is technically situated in the Midlands, however, it’s about a two hour car journey north-west of London. Cadbury World, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, BBC Birmingham Tours,the Black Country Living Museum and the botanic gardens are just a few of the attractions.

Points of interest and landmarks in Manchester include Manchester Cathedral, the oddly shaped Anglian cathedral, as well, Chinatown, and Media City UK in Salford.

The South Coast

Beach days, too.

Are beaches and coasts more your thing? Well, if so, then you should journey down to the South Coast of England in order to visit Brighton Beach and the Seven Sisters Cliffs, as well as West Wittering beach close to the small cathedral city of Chichester. Coastal towns and cities in this part of England are brimming with personality and individual charm.

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