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Best 5 ideas to get your car ready for next road trip

Written by Fiona

August 02 2018

Are you planning a road trip for your next holiday, whether by car, motorhome or campervan? If so, there are a few tips to ensure you drive in complete safety.

Give the car a check up

Of course, you should take care of your car all year but an inspection before you head off on a road trip is a good idea. Go to the car mechanic to avoid any potential breakdowns. A car should have a valid MOT and also be regularly serviced.  The last thing you want is to be held up on your trip because of a mechanical fault.

Check the levels

Remember the liquids, such as the oil level and the coolant level and, if you need to top up, make sure you buy a product that suits your car model. If you start in winter, check the antifreeze levels, too.

Being in the middle of a snowstorm without being able to turn on the heating, or in the scorching heat of August without cold air, can be unpleasant.

A few other other things to check include the headlights, tyre pressures, the battery, working car seats and the airbag.

Clean it up

Once you have checked that the car is fully functional and comfortable (in terms of heating and cooling), it’s time to give the car a clean. For safety reasons, the rear and front windows should be clean both outside and inside. Make sure the lights and registration plates are also clear of dirt.

Check car  insurance

It can be easy to forget when you car is nearing the end of its insurance and you don’t want to be aught out without insurance when on your road trip. Compare car insurance quotes with a website like and find the best solution for you, your car and your upcoming road trip experience!

Check car tyres

Inspecting your car tyres to make sure that they can and will stand the whole trip is one of the obvious and important things to take care of before any road trip. One of the first things to check about the tyre would be the pressure.

Underinflated tyres wear quickly and lead to greater use of fuel. Properly inflated tyres often last much longer than the ones that are kept underinflated. Further, they offer a greater mileage than otherwise, too.

So, not just before any particular road trip, but it is recommended for the vehicle’s usual maintenance that you often check the pressure of your tyre manually, instead of relying on the pressure monitoring systems that warns just when the pressure has dropped 25% below the recommended level.

Also, it is a very good idea to keep or carry an extra tyre if you are going on a long trip. Consider reliable ones like Federal Couragia Mt tire. A few more things about tyres to keep in mind before a road trip include checking for any uneven wear and rotating the tyre every 5000 miles.

Prepare an emergency kit

Include travel essentials such as a mobile phone charger, first aid box, a flashlight, starter cables, safety triangle and reflective vest.

That’s it! Now you are ready to go!

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