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Best Outdoor Adventures on the Maltese Islands

Written by Fiona

September 28 2018

The Maltese Islands, in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, are well known for sunshine and beaches. But did you know there are plenty of outdoor adventures to try.

Here are some of the best outdoor activities to do on the Maltese Islands:

Comino Cruize and Gozo Jeep Safari Tour

Enjoy a six-hour cruise around the islands of Comino and Gozo and visit many of the most famous attractions and islands. Your Jeep Safari tour guide will even pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. On this adventure, you will also be able to snorkel, as well as visit local attractions more commonly known to the locals.

Malta harbour.

Quad Tour of Gozo

Spend the day riding quad bikes around the island of Gozo. On this adventure, you will experience all of the scenery of Gozo up close. You will be able to ride your own quad bike or ride along with a guide.

You must have a valid driver’s licence and be over the age of 21 if you plan to drive the quad yourself. Do not worry about bringing or paying for your own lunch as food and drinks are provided with this activity.

Kayak Malta

With so many gorgeous attractions, it will be difficult to see them all on land. Why not take a kayak adventure along the cliffs of the west coast? You will be able to explore caves and snorkel in lagoons on this outdoor adventure.

Do not worry if you are not a kayaking expert as there are options available for beginners, as well as for more experienced travellers. This is an excellent way to enjoy some peace and quiet surrounded by nature while visiting the Maltese Islands.

Sunrise in Malta harbour.

Flyboard Malta

Do you want to get your adrenaline pumping? Flyboarding is quite possibly the best way to do so. While incredibly simple, flyboarding is taking outdoor watersports to the extreme. This adventure is sure to get your heart pumping as you’re soaring through the air on your flyboard. The instructors are well trained and qualified so you will remain safe. This is a wonderful group activity. However, only one person can operate a flyboard at a time.

If you think Malta may be the perfect place for your next vacation getaway, visit  for more information. Here you will be able to book your trip as well as hotel accommodations. The Maltese Islands are the perfect location for an outdoor lover’s vacation. What are you waiting for? Go plan your perfect outdoor adventure on the Maltese Islands.

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