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Great idea: Snowline Chainsen snow and ice grips

Written by Fiona

December 06 2018

Snowline Chainsen Trail ice and snow grips

When the snow and ice comes, it’s useful to have a pair of spikes to fit to shoes and boots. Snowline has created a range of Chainsen grips to for different conditions.

Snowline Chainsen grips are lightweight and so small they fit into your pocket. Stow them in your rucksack or bag when you are out and about – whether you’re heading to the trails, hills or going to the office.

Then when you need them because it’s snowy or icy you simply secure them to the base of your shoes or boots.

Which snow and ice grips should I buy?

Snowline Chainsen Trail ice and snow grips

Snowline Chainsen Trail ice and snow grips

Chainsen Trail

Chainsen Trail grips are ideal for walking or running on trails. Features include a weight of only 170g per pair, a small pack size, slim elastic rubber yet with a firm fit.

They are really easy to add to the base of shoes or trainers and you do not need to secure with straps or buckles. The elastic holds them in place.

The spikes are small but strong and offer enough grip to stay on your feet in both snow and ice.

These are the grips I am most likely to wear, especially if I want to continue running in Scotland through the winter.

Buy Chainsen Trail

Snowline Chainsen Pro ice and snow grips

Snowline Chainsen Pro ice and snow grips

Chainsen Pro

These are the best choice for general-purpose wear, such as when dog walking, and for hiking. They are made of stainless steel and weigh 320g per pair.

They feature 1cm long steel spikes to give a good grip on on icy ground and pressed deeper snow.

The elastomer construction allows them to be fitted on to a wide variety of shoes, from running shoes to winter boots.

They also have a stabilising heel to give better support and grip on a wide range of snow and ice.

Buy Chainsen Pro.

Snowline Chainsen Light ice and snow grips

Snowline Chainsen Light ice and snow grips.


Snowline Chainsen Light ice and snow grips

Running and walking in Snowline Chainsen Light ice and snow grips.

Chainsen Light

Another good option for walking and running on ice and in deeper snow. This model is made of an alloy metal and is 30% lighter than the Model Pro. They weigh 230g per pair.

They are ideal for trail running and mountain paths. The spikes are 1cm long to give a good grip in deeper snow and thicker ice.

An elastomer construction means the grips can be easily fitted to shoes, trainers and hiking boots without the need for buckles of straps.

They are available in three sizes have long points, around 1cm, for better grip on ice and deeper snow.

Snowline Chainsen City ice and snow grips

Snowline Chainsen City ice and snow grips

Chainsen City

This is the choice for street walking. They give a secure grip on ice and on snowy paths where the terrain is generally flat.

They are lightweight and pack down to a small size. You could easily keep them in your handbag, work rucksack or even a jacket pocket.

The elastomer rubber fits on different types of street shoes. Buy these on Amazon.

  • Also see Snowline for further details and buy on-line or in outdoors stores from around £30.

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