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Pizza, Piazzas and Palaces: The best three Ps of Italy

Written by Fiona

December 04 2018

Italy, a classic combination of culture and modern values, it is a place that makes you fall in love with life and simplicities of life. Known for its grand architecture, mesmerising scenery and delectable cuisine, it is a country that will enrich you in many ways.

From the fashion of Milan to the gondolas of Venice, you can easily visit Italy many times on holidays of different lengths. Look for best deals and discounts at, which offer customised travel packages for Italy.

The best three Ps of Italy

Pizza: Originated in South Italy, this is a comfort food that fills people of the world with gratitude for Italy. Going to Italy and not having wood fire Pizza is like not breathing and the pizzas in Italy truly cannot be compared to any pizza in the world.

If margherita is your first love then Naples is your place, otherwise, every place will offer you a variety of options and you can choose your own toppings from veggies to pork and make-your-own pizza.

The best thing about pizza in Italy you request the weight of pizza, rather than choosing from regular, medium or large size.

Pantheon, Rome.

Piazzas: These public spaces are the home to many stunning historical buildings and monuments.  The piazzas are also where people can relax, chat and have coffee.

The most famous piazza is St. Peter’s Square in Rome. The piazzas in Florence are also very much worth visiting.

Doge’s Palace.

Palaces: There is a reason why Italy is a dream wedding destination for many and if not for a wedding then people love to come here on honeymoon. There are many stories that these historic palaces, or palazzos, have witnessed and now they many are used as museums and galleries.

Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and the Doge’s Palace in recommended are tow to recommend.

Apart from these three Ps, there are many other things that make Italy a great destination for people of all ages. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Vatican City to the countryside vineyards, Italy has everything to offer from class to comfort to culture.

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