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4 exciting destinations to add to your travel bucket list

Written by Fiona

March 12 2019

Not everyone subscribes to the bucket list concept, nor do you have to, but it’s one way to create a travel plan that’s truly inspirational. The bucket list travel list should be all about the exciting and the unexpected.

All you need to start planning your next unforgettable adventure is some inspiration. If you’re considering an adventure holiday or any travel abroad, then it’s important to make sure you have all the essentials in place. This includes necessities such as travel insurance. You can get some really good policies these days, including All Clear with policies specifically for the over 65s.

4 places to add to your travel bucket list

One of many waterfalls in Iceland. Credit: David Mark


Iceland is a great destination, especially for more adventurous travellers. First, there’s the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, which is a truly magical natural marvel. Here’s a comprehensive guide about the Northern Lights in Iceland made by campervan rental company Cozy Campers. Find out the best time and places to visit as well as the best conditions to watch the aurora borealis.

Bundle up warm and spend the night exploring and chasing the lights with an experienced guide, all the while learning more about this phenomenon and the landscape around you.

Days can be spent indulging and unwinding in geothermal spas of Iceland’s blue lagoons. Once you feel rested enough, you can hit a number of hiking trails and try to spot wild horses grazing in the highlands.

History lovers will enjoy National and Saga museums in Reykavik, containing Iceland’s rich Viking past.

Beautiful Lake Bled. Credit: Walkerssk


If you’re looking for the perfect combination of beautiful lakes, amazing food and abundant culture then Slovenia is the destination for you.

Located in Central Europe, the country is a bit of an undiscovered gem. Lake Bled is one of the main attractions thanks to its crystal-clear water, sporting activities and a castle to explore.

The capital city of Ljubljana is marked by decorative yet minimal style of architecture that’s unlike anything you’ll ever see. You can spend hours exploring its picture-perfect streets.

Wine enthusiasts will be well-catered to as Slovenia’s Vipava Valley produces some world-class wines that are well worth a try.

Perhaps you will spot a sloth.

The Amazon River

A cruise on the River Amazon in South America offers a unique experience. The river has an eco-system and culture unlike anything else you will have encountered before.

The wildlife alone merits its addition to the bucket list with so much to spot, including pink river dolphins, three-toed sloths, black caimans and squirrel monkeys.

This cruise is not for casual tourists looking to lie back and relax as the Amazon can be a challenging trip for those unprepared.

The river spans nine different countries, giving you a lot of options as to where to start and end your cruise.

And how about extending your adventure by trekking though the Amazonian rainforest?

There are so many islands to visit in Scotland so choosing one is tricky. This is the Old Man of Storr on Skye. Credit: Frank Winkler

The Scottish Islands

Sometimes there’s no need to travel too far to discover something incredible. The Scottish Islands are often rated as world-class destinations in travel surveys.

It is difficult to choose a favourite island, from Skye with its dramatic mountains to Colonsay with its MacPhies (read: MacPhie bagging on Colonsay) and the Outer Hebrides with the stunning white sandy beaches.

here are also the wonderful northern islands of Orkney and Shetland to explore, especially if you are a history fan.

The best idea if you hope to visit the islands of Scotland is to book many weeks off work and hop around the islands to see how different each one is form the next.

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