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How to save money when booking hotels online

Written by Fiona

March 04 2019

Many people now choose to create their own holidays, booking flights and accommodation themselves, rather than via package company. It can be a good idea to book your own accommodation especially if you are planning to stay in several different places.

The first thing to do is to plan your budget, ensuring that you know how much you have to spend on your trip. Next book flights and then focus on hotel bookings. The variety of choice of type and budget of accommodation can be mesmerising so here are a few tips to get the best deals when booking on-line.

Compare prices online

The easiest way to save money on on-line hotel bookings is by checking different travel websites that allow you to book hotels from their site. You can compare prices of different accommodations on the one website and choose the one you like according to reviews, ratings, proximity to attractions and beaches and based on price. There is also a range of useful apps, such as a Hotel App.

Enjoy a holiday by saving money.

Use first-time offers

Many on-line hotel booking websites offer first-time discounts to new users. So, if you have not registered to that website yet, you have a chance to cash in on that discount offer. The offer is usually valid for one email address.

You can use the discount offer with your email address once, and if you have to book hotels for another trip, register with your partner’s email address, an older child’s email address and so on.

Skip the complimentary meals

If accommodation is the only thing in your mind, you can easily opt out of the complimentary breakfast to save more money. Online hotel prices often include the cost of breakfast. If you don’t want it, send an email to the customer service of the hotel to quote a price for accommodation only.

You can also uncheck the box where it says “complimentary breakfast” to see the difference in price. Hotels make a decent profit on breakfast, and you can skip that extra cost to save money.

Save accommodation costs and spend on other holiday extras.

Search for add-on discount coupons

You can often use your first-time offer and another added discount while checking out in the payment gateway. It is possible to get added discounts if you register with discount-only websites that provide promo codes and discount coupons on hotel bookings.

PlusVoucherCode, for one, is a website that allows you to use the discount codes on the payment page of online hotel booking sites. These codes will help you save hundreds of pounds on every stay.

Book early not later

It is wise to book hotels in advance instead of leaving it at the last minute. Remember that the sooner you plan for and book your accommodation, the more cost savings you can enjoy. This means you’ll have more money to spend on other things during your trip.

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