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How to start planning your next European trip

Written by Fiona

March 20 2019

Whether you have already bought your plane ticket, or you are still deciding where to go, there are some factors you should consider when plan your next trip to Europe.

Europe has so much to offer, with a rich history and culture that is unique to each country. For a relaxing trip that offers the best of wha you like to do on holiday, it’s a good idea to make a check list before you go.

Here are a few ideas for ensuring you enjoy a great holiday.

Where will you go?

Pick the perfect European destination

Europe has 44 countries to choose from, each one offering a completely different experience. Perhaps you are looking for early summer cycling, winter skiing, hiking in the spring, kayaking in clear coastal waters, a city break, or simply a beach side lazy vacation.

Some places can offer a selection of different activities, such as Mallorca Holidays, with warm weather cycling, plenty of beaches, fine dining opportunities, scenic driving routes and shopping.

Set a budget

From backpacking hiking trips on a tight budget to family camping holidays to luxurious villa vacations, there will a European holiday to suit all wallets. The best plan is to set the budget and work out how much time you have for your trip and then shop around to suit you aspirations.

Tips include booking outwith school holidays, if you can, for cheaper deals; going before or after the “high” season; travelling with a group to reduce the cost per person of costs like car hire and holiday homes.

Perhaps you could choose a trip that is a long weekend rather than a full week to save on cost per day, although then you should think about the cost of the flight versus the length of time abroad.

Maybe you will book a kayaking tour?

Discuss options with travellers

Make sure you and your fellow traveller/s have the same ideas about what makes a great holiday. Perhaps you could each make a list of expectations and then try to find a compromise on what you will book for a holiday.

Going solo or with others

The person that you travel with can impact the type of trip that you will have. So, perhaps you might choose to travel solo. When you ravel alone you can pick and choose what you want to do and there is no need to compromise.

How about a cycling holiday?

Book the essentials

Booking ahead can save stress and money. It’s worth thinking about booking accommodation, plane tickets, as well as some additional tours or activities that you want to do so as to ensure there is space for each during the time that you are on the trip.

Make a packing list

Creating a packing list before your trip is a good idea before you head off on holiday.

Check the weather ahead of time and pack accordingly. Make sure you know your luggage allownace as well if you plan to fly.

A top tip is to pack, then unpack and look at everything you have packed. Discard items you are less likely to use, then pack again.

Get travel insurance

A report reveals that 10 million holidaymakers go away without insurance. Sensible holidaymakers book travel insurance when they book their trip. You never know what will happen and if something goes wrong it is likely to be costly without insurance.

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