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Top Tips for a Luxury Adventure

Written by Fiona

May 14 2019

Adventure doesn’t have to mean budget or roughing it. In fact, adventure travel and luxury can go hand in hand, if that is what you fancy. Luxury travel also means different things to different people. For example, luxury adventure could be a lavish cruise along the stunning Norwegian Fjords or beautiful French Polynesia for some, while for others a fully supported cycling tour of the Pyrenees could be their idea of luxury. Then again, luxury adventure might mean a five-star no-costs-barred safari adventure holiday in Africa or a sailing holiday to the stunning Galapagos Islands.

Planning a luxury trip

Regardless of your definition of luxury, you probably want to make your adventure a lifetime experience. You could plan and organise the trip yourself or call on a third party, such as a travel agent that specialises in your sort of trip, to do the planning for you.

Maybe you are keen to go on a luxury safari adventure.

Search for ideas

Perhaps you have always wanted to visit Patagonia, or cruise the Nile, or climb one of the world’s highest mountains or dive in the Caribbean? Yet you are still not quite sure about where to go, when and how.

Thanks to the internet there are plenty of websites and blogs that will help you to make a good choice. Try a search online with the right keywords to get you started.

Set a budget

Whatever your idea of a luxury adventure you need to have a budget in mind. Your trip might be a once in a lifetime or a once in a decade type of holiday. Whatever it is, a budget will guide you to where, when, how long and various extravagancies you can afford. By creating a favuorable and realistic budget, you’ll be more likely to feel comfortable about the trip.

Maybe it’s a luxury cruise you are after.

Plan all the elements

To get started with your luxury adventures, plan a trip here and then customise it so as to fit your taste and preferences. Once you have booked the time off work, flights and accommodation, it’s time to look at all the elements and details.

For example, make sure you have booked popular sightseeing and guided tours before you go on holiday and if there are special places you want to eat at, you should ensure you can get a booking there, too.

For many people, the Galapagos Islands would be a once in a lifetime trip.

Pack for the trip

To ensure comfort and unlimited experience throughout your journey, make sure you’ve packed for the right trip. Think about the time of year you are going and, therefore, what the weather will be like.

Make sure you have comfortable foot wear and don’t forget your camera. If in doubt, ask the holiday company of guide to give you an idea of the essentials to pack for your trip.

More tips for a successful adventure

The other factors to consider when planning a luxury trip include:

  • Checking the passport and visa requirements
  • Learning key phrases used by the locals
  • Always reviewing travel alerts or warnings
  • Acquiring travel insurance.

You’ll never forget your luxury adventure trip if you make sure all the right plans are in place before you go.

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