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What to do when the weather stops your holiday plans

Written by Fiona

June 13 2019

When you have planned a great adventure of a holiday, but the weather turns bad it doesn’t mean you have to stay in bed. Instead, you should aim to be a bit creative with you time. Here are some of the best alternative plans…

Dress for the rain

Even if it’s raining and windy outside, you can still enjoy a walk or a run. Simply choose your best waterproof clothing and change the original plan. If you had hoped to hike to a high summit it might be better to take shelter in a forest or on a lower level trail. Or choose a shorter route so you do not need to cope with the bad weather for so long.

If you have children, you could head to the beach in Wellington boots or simply find a trail with lots of puddles for splashing in while walking.

Today’s modern waterproof and breathable clothing, as well as waterproof walking boots, means you can still get outside even when the weather is not so kind.

Head online or try a board game

You may have gone away to leave technology behind you but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in it a little when the weather is truly awful. Grab your tablet or laptop and find an on-line game to play solo or with a group, or perhaps try online casino Netbet. Choose from a range of games that are sure to keep you occupied no matter what the weather outside is doing,

A traditional board game is another great idea for a rainy day activity. From board games such as Monopoly and Cluedo to more contemporary games such as Pandemic it’s possible to while away many hours indoors playing a game with friends or family.

Read a book or listen to an audio download

Most people pack a book, or load a book to an e-reader like a Kindle. Audio books are a great way to listen to a favourite novel or non-fiction book, too. So that you remain in touch with your outdoors plans, why not choose an adventure book to read or listen to?

Stirling Castle is a great rainy day place to go.

Check out indoor attractions

If you are on holiday in a new place an you need a rainy day activity, the chances are there are plenty of indoor tourist attractions to visit, from castles, stately homes and museums to less common destinations such as aquariums. You could book into the local cinema.

Bad weather does not have to mean a ruined holiday. With some creative thinking and a bit of planning, you should have no trouble finding somewhere or something to do if the weather outside puts a dampener on your plans. If you are holidaying in the UK, the chances are that the weather will change soon enough anyway.

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