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What to wear: From beach to town in one easy step

Written by Fiona

June 03 2019

A beach holiday will obviously include a lot of time on the sand and in the water, but the chances are you will be keen to head into the local town, whether for a bit of sightseeing on some evening entertainment.

What can you wear – and pack in your beach bag, to make the most of your vacation time?

 Whether you’re vacationing on the beach at La Mer in Dubai or you’re taking the family to Miami Beach in Florida, these tips will help you transition from the sand to town without a full-on wardrobe change – and a large bag to lug about.

Choose the right swimsuit

There are tons of swimsuit designs and styles to choose from. You could wear a swimsuit on the beach and around town if you consider choosing a one-piece swimsuit. Choose one with ruffled sleeves or a bold pattern so that when you add shorts or a skirt, it will look like your shirt that has been tucked in.

If you prefer bikinis it’s wise to stay away from string bikinis and instead choose a two piece with a top that looks like a crop top or a tank top. That way, it isn’t obvious that you’re still wearing your suit when you’re strutting around town.

Choose the right bottoms

Shorts are an easy way to cover up the bottom of your suit, but don’t think shorts are your only option. Jeans can look great, especially if your one-piece swimsuit has a lot of details at the top. A skirt can also be a great way to transition your outfit from the beach to town.

Layer with the right top

With the right bottoms, you don’t need a top to cover up your swimsuit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a top.

The best beach coverups are full-coverage dresses that don’t look like coverups at all. A regular dress will do. Choose a dress with a flowing fabric that can easily be pulled over your head.

If a dress isn’t really your style, choose one of the bottoms on our list and consider layering it with the right shirt. A button down shirt is a great way to add a little style to a swimsuit outfit, but other types of flowing shirts that can easily be pulled over your head can make a great cover for your suit, too.

Accessorise with jewellery

Every outfit is all in the details, and styling a swimsuit to wear throughout the day is no different. You just have to make sure you choose jewellery that can withstand the sand, sun and waves. A few tips include:

  • Look for beach jewellery that features bold colors
  • Choose large, bulky designs
  • Accessorise with just one piece of bold jewellery
  • Skip expensive jewelry that can be damaged or get lost

The right shoes

Choosing the right shoes is always important when on holiday. It’s true that you want to find a pair of shoes that make you look good, but you also need a pair that is comfortable if you plan on doing any walking. This is especially true if your shoes have to take you from the sand to the street.

The best shoes for the beach include shoes that can stand the sand. They should be easy to wipe, rinse, or shake out so you don’t have to track sand from the beach to town. Choose shoes with protective soles and an ergonomic design so your feet don’t end up hurting by the end of the day.

Full-coverage shoes are great, but you don’t have to avoid sandals. Just avoid wearing plastic flip-flops and opt for higher-quality, more comfortable sandals.

These tips should mean you can transition easily from beach to town.

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