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3 great career choices for active people

Written by Fiona

July 09 2019

If you just can’t sit still and you are always looking for the next challenge or adventure, working the regular 9 to 5 will be difficult for you. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way and there are plenty of career opportunities for people who like to stay active. Whether you love the great outdoors, are a fitness buff, or passionate about a sport, in particular, there are some ways that you can turn it into a living. Here are three examples of active jobs that will allow you to earn a living from your passion.

Become a personal trainer

If you love fitness and know how to make it contagious, then you could consider becoming a personal trainer. What’s great about it is that you’ll have the chance to set your own hours, work in your preferred settings and have control over your workload.

You could choose to work with multiple people per day and have a packed schedule or work with a few exclusive high-paying clients. You can choose your level of involvement as well. Some will just assist and motivate their clients and do nothing more. Others might want to help their clients with some life coaching or with their diet. It’s up to you.

And there’s no actual certification you have to go through, but it would help if you got some formal training. You can find a Local PT Course Provider and get the basics needed to be an efficient trainer. This will also give you more confidence in your craft and make you more credible with prospective clients.


Specialise as a dietitian and help clients with their nutrition. If you’re active, the chances are you have your macros down and already know the basics of what a good diet should be.

As a dietitian, you’ll take it a step further and be able to offer personal advice based on scientific evidence and understanding of how different nutrients work together. You’ll be able to make a significant impact on people’s lives and either choose to work for someone else or offer your services privately.

Spending time outdoors, such as amid trees, is know to help with mental well-being. credit: lukasz-szmigiel

Recreational therapist

Activity as a form of therapy is something that is increasingly being explored right now and is showing impressive results with many patients. And as a recreational therapist, your goal will be to heal patients using recreational activities.

You’ll be called to work with people dealing with injuries, disabilities and various illnesses. And it won’t be limited to physical exercise either; this could be done through things like drama, arts and crafts, the outdoors and music.

Recreational therapists work on the body and mind’s wellbeing first and foremost and as a complement to regular therapy. This is another career where you’ll have the chance to change lives while remaining active physically and mentally.


All these careers are perfect if you’re the active type and would like to make an impact. These also have the benefit of being more flexible than most, which makes them a great option for the free-spirited.

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