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Review: Berghaus Trailhead 2.0 50l rucksack

Written by Fiona

August 30 2019

I have been testing the new and updated Berghaus Trailhead 2.0 50 litre rucksack (£100). There is a 65l version (£110), too.

W Trailhead 50l
Men’s Trailhead 65l

Features of Berghaus Trailhead 2.0 rucksacks:

  • Adjustable Berghaus BIOFIT back system
  • Height adjustable chest strap
  • Pre-curved hip belt with improved weight distribution.
  • Raincover
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Bottle pockets
  • Zipped top lid pocket
  • Walking poles carrier
  • Weight (approx.): 1.5kg
  • Male and female designs
  • Price: 50l is £100 and 65l is £110.
  • See Berghaus (price is discounted to £60 for the 50l just now) and also buy on Amazon.

On test: Berghaus Trailhead (w) 2.0 50l rucksack

This is a brightly coloured rucksack. It’s a turquoise shade, which is one of my favourites, and I like that it is easy to find among a pile of my outdoors kit.

You need to spend a bit of time at the start to get the back system set up to fit your back length. There are five settings from XS to XL to suit women of different heights. The system is fairly straightforward but does require you to mess about with fabric slots.

If you make a big adjustment to the upper back system, remember to also make sure you adjust to the right shoulder strap height.

It’s a great idea to have a rucksack that can be adjusted to suit different heights because where you carry the pack on your back is critical to comfort.

The wonderfully padded hip belt should sit on your hips and not too low down. Carrying a heavy pack is far more comfortable if the weight is positioned higher up the back.

Once I’d adjusted the back system, I then added all my kit and tried it on again just to make sure it felt right. It did!

Adjustable back system.
The top of the rucksack.
Hydration system compatible.
Walking pole carrier.

I used the pack for a weekend break at a remote youth hostel in Glen Affric. I needed all my overnight and walking kit, as well as two days of food, for a weekend away. Everything went in neatly and I found that the pack was comfortable while I rode my mountain bike and for walking.

I find that the smaller the pack the less you tend to pack, although obviously you need all the right items for comfort and safety. In contrast, Hubby G took a larger rucksack and managed to fill that with items, too, but the result was heavier than my smaller packed rucksack.

I used to think that 50l was too small for a weekend away but I have learned to pack more efficiently.

The pack felt neat and well-fitting on my back. I was able to easily adjust the hip belt, shoulder straps and chest strap for a great fit. The straps and clips seem strong.

The pack did not move about on my back even when I was riding my bike on a bumpy track, as long as I tightened the straps properly. When I was walking the pack sat at a comfortable height on my back and I was grateful that it did not make my back sweat because it sits away from the main part of your back.

The hip belt and shoulder straps are really comfortable. They are well padded and offer a good shape and a snug fit.

A few features that I appreciated include the hydration system, where I could add a water bladder; the outside stretch pockets for carrying more water (actually I added a flexible flask of gin for the weekend!); the lid pocket for bits and pieces that I wanted to have handy (for example, a midge net and Smidge spray); the walking pole carrier feature; and the small mesh hip belt pocket for snacks.

One thing I would have liked was a larger zipped hip belt pocket for my mobile phone. I like to have easy access to my phone for taking photos.

Also, if Berghaus could shave off some 500g from the original weight of the pack that would be a bonus because 1.5kg is not a light rucksack to start with.

The price of £100 seems reasonable. I have owned plenty of Berghaus packs and they have proved robust and durable.

Other ideas: New Berghaus Panamax rucksack

Men’s Panamax 70l
Women’s Panamax

The brand has also launched a new Panamax rucksack in a size 70l (£180). Both packs are sold in a male and female version.

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