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The best travel ideas for active people

Written by Fiona

September 04 2019

Demand is growing from increasing numbers of people looking for active holidays – and every country has something different to offer. How can you choose the right trip for you and the perfect destination? Here are a few tips and ideas.

Choose an adventure-friendly location

If you’re looking for a holiday which will grant you lots of opportunity for activities and adventure, then you’ll need to ensure that you select the right location. You should do your research into the areas of the world which have the best activities you’re looking for.

Every country has its own great active offers such as surfing in Morocco, kayaking in Sweden, cycling in France, windsurfing in the Canary Islands etc.

It’s also a good idea to make a list of the sort of active holiday you want to experience. Would you prefer a region that specialises in watersports? Or are you looking for the best hiking spots? Whatever your needs, ensure that the destination you select caters for them.

Try a fitness retreat

There is a growing trend for fitness style retreats. Being active doesn’t need to be adrenaline fuelled and it could be that you’re looking for an opportunity to maintain your fitness levels with an element of relaxation in the sun, too.

If this is you, then a fitness retreat may be the perfect solution. Fitness retreats, such as those focused on yoga or a holiday at a destination that offers a range of different sports, means you can combine some great fitness activities and ensure you get exercise, while also allowing you a relaxing vacation in a variety of stunning places.

Choosing an Ultimate Fitness holiday caters for all your health, diet and lifestyles needs while giving you access to some of the best bucket-list destinations.

Walk, cycle or kayak

One way to make your holiday more active is to go by foot, bike or by kayak, rather than hiring a car. The activities of walking, cycling or kayaking will allow you to immerse yourself in your destination, too. A cycling holiday is a great way to see new places at your own pace but still cover a reasonable distance each day. If you are on foot you will naturally progress at a slower pace but you’ll see and experience more because of this. By kayak, you’ll paddle coasts and islands and most likely be treated to incredible wildlife.

Don’t forget about winter trips

Active holidays do not need to be all about the summer. Skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are great ways to enjoy an active trip and during the winter months.

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