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9 eco-friendly money-saving travel tips

Written by Fiona

October 24 2019

Travel can be costly so many people will be interested to hear about ways to save money. These tips are also eco friendly, so you’ll save cash and the environment, too.

Travel with a reusable coffee cup

Coffee often feels like a necessity, so if you plan to buy takeaway coffees make sure you take a reusable cup with you on your travels. Many places now offer a discount for coffee served in a recyclable coffee cup and you will be doing your bi to reduce waste.

Better still, make your own coffee

Take coffee bags, or ground coffee and an aero-press, with you and make your own coffee in your hotel room or hostel. It’s far cheaper and creates much less waste.

Switch off lights – and more

We all tend o switch off lights at home or, better still, install LED bulbs, to save on electricity bills and the environment but then forget when we are travelling. Remember to turn off lights and turn down heating where possible when you stay in hotels. By the way, did you know that making the switch to LED bulbs at home equals 80% greater efficiency? Click here to find out more.

Other great tips for hotels is to avoid getting clean towels when it’s not necessary, take a shower instead of a bath, turn off the Tv and also turn off the aircon.

Air dry your clothes

It can be tempting when travelling to make use of launderettes and hotel laundries. But this usually means the clothes are dried in tumble dryers. Dryers require a lot of energy and this is bad for the environment. If you need further convincing, remember that using a dryer repeatedly on your clothing will actually damage them overtime. Instead, try to air-dry your clothes and when you are on holiday in a warm place this shouldn’t prove too difficult.

Take a reusable water bottle

We’ve all seen those horrific images of beautiful beaches and vast expanses of ocean coated in plastic bottles and microplastics. But you can make a difference and save some money, too. Investing in a reusable water bottle and taking it everywhere you go will save money and waste. And if you’re heading off travelling then why not invest in one that filters the tap water, so you don’t have to buy plastic or worry about a stomach upset abroad?

Pack lighter

Every gram and kilogram counts when you are flying because the more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. Try to pack only what you need and the environment will thank you. If you can manage with had luggage only you will save the cost of adding luggage to the hold, too.

Travel overland

Travelling by land-based public transport, as well as ferries to cross the oceans, can often save a lo of your carbon footprint. You might need to work hard to cut the cost but you could also think about going by bike or on foot for a more immersive trip?

Choose a carbon-offset adventure

Not all carbon emissions can be avoided while travelling but it is possible to sign up to a carbon off-set scheme. .In this way, you pay extra to compensate for the emissions from transport, accommodation, activities.

Eat and drink local

The less imported goods that you eat and drink the better it is in terms of transport – and fuel – waste. If you already do this at home, simply extend your principles when you are travelling.

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