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Mykonos is the vacation place for outdoor lovers

Written by Fiona

November 27 2019

Mykonos island in Greece is known for its party atmosphere, but there are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, too. First you can check into maybe the best beach hotel in Mykonos and relax in your in-room private pool. Then, as you plan some outdoors fun, you might like to order room service and enjoy a fabulous meal.

Mykonos as a great place to go if you love the outdoors. The weather is beautiful and the air is clean. Here are a few cool outdoorsy things you can do on Mykonos.


You would likely guess that an island in the Mediterranean is a haven for watersports and it’s certainly the case on Mykonos. There are beaches everywhere, including a private on at your hotel, and you can participate in anything having to do with the water nearly anytime you like.

If you love being under the water, you can scuba dive and snorkel. There are beautiful reefs and underwater fish to observe – and if you are there during the warmer months, the water temperature is perfect. 

If you love being on top of the water, take in some jet skiing or ride a few waves on a surfboard. You can also go sailing and kayaking with boats that you can rent at many beaches.

Rent a yacht

How about spending some time on your own rented yacht? You can choose from a sailing or motored yacht and take it around the island or to visit other islands in the area. You can also take the boat out to go fishing. The Mediterranean has some of the best big game fishing in Europe and you can make a deal with someone on the island to cook what you catch.

Ride a bike

Mykonos has bikes for rent that you can use to get around the island. The roads are bike friendly and cars are courteous to cyclists. You can also get off the beaten path and take a few bike trails up the hills to get a full view of the island. Best of all, because the island is not that big, you can do it all and get back in time for lunch or dinner.

Visit the Gods

Not far off the coast of Mykonos, and an easy 30 minute ride by boat, is the island of Delos. This island has a special designation because it is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, who are the twins of the King of Greek Gods, Zeus.

According to Greek mythology, Zeus and his Queen Leto came to the island specifically to have their twins, forever marking Delos as a sacred place in the country.

Greek mythology might not be your cup of tea, but Delos is also a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its importance to world history. 

Delos is a small rocky island that is a haven for architects and archeologists. Your kids will love the buildings and statues that definitely show their age, but still continue to draw awe and wonder. Book a tour for you and the family and you will visit all of the important sites on the island including the Temples of Apollo, the sanctuary of Artemis, and the Avenue of Lions. You can trek around the island for some great exercise.

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