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Great places in the UK for people with an active lifestyle

Written by Fiona

January 27 2020

The coast - and plenty of golf courses - are easy to access from Edinburgh.

In the United Kingdom, places such as Sunderland, Liverpool and York have a fair share of people who enjoy an active lifestyle. People of all ages love to come to these places for a quick visit then finally, move there for good. When moving, more and more people are opting for the services of moving companies in the UK to avoid the hassle and stress when moving. Moving is such a daunting task, yet often families with active lifestyle find themselves hopping from one of these cities to another until they find a place they could settle permanently. 


It stands at River Wear’s mouth and has a sizeable population. It is claimed that people who live in Sunderland are content with the living costs, commuting and the amount of outdoor activities present within the city limits or a short 20-minute ride away.

a lake in leeds.


The city boasts of a diverse population and in the United Kingdom it is among the fastest growing cities. The inhabitants have a positive feeling about the property market and the job prospects here. Typically, they have a high level of satisfaction of the calm surroundings and tons of outdoor activities to maintain an active lifestyle.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal


This is the place where Liverpool is famous as the home of The Beatles. Living expenses tend to fall under the average level of income. This leaves a disposable income that is reasonable. Generally, residents are content with their daily life, income and work. During the weekends, people choose to go cycling in parks or do a quick walk in nearby hills.

Edinburgh, where urban meets rural beautifully.


The capital of Scotland has a small population for a city. It is a popular tourist attraction and plays host to the the largest arts festival of the world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The city has a large park that is home to a hill called Arthur’s Seat and the countryside and coast is easily reached.

You can run, walk, cycle, play golf, mountain bike, surf, cable wakeboard, kayak, canoe and more very easily while staying or living in Edinburgh.


The walled city is located in North East England and was established by the Ancient Romans. This is the most content city as far as the satisfaction level of its inhabitants is concerned. It has a sizeable population with plenty of things to do for those with active lifestyle. You can join mountaineering or rock climbing clubs in the city and climb mountains and cliffs during the weekends with your new found friends.

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