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What to look for when choosing the perfect hotel

Written by Fiona

January 20 2020

As a traveller, accommodation is an important part of the enjoyment of your trip. The last thing anyone wants is to arrive at a hotel to discover dangerous facilities, dirty rooms and irritable staff. This article reveals some tips for avoiding hotel disappointment.

Tips for choosing the right hotel


When you’re choosing your hotel, location is key. Many people prefer a good quality hotel with great views. Check out this site if you’re looking for a hotel with breathtaking views of Niagara Falls. Or if your itinerary calls for you to be closer to the action, opt for a hotel nearer the city centre or in a popular tourist area. Of course, there are many more popular destinations than Niagra Falls for you to choose from for your holiday. If you’re undecided on a final destination, then resources such as This Hotel’s useful where to stay guides can be highly advantageous in helping you to choose your ideal location. 

Niagara Falls.

Reviews are key

Just like choosing a restaurant, when you’re looking for a hotel, the experiences of others really count. Don’t just take the word of all those amazing reviews on the hotel’s website, it’s important to get balance and check out other review sites for a more accurate picture. Look for complaints against the security, safety or booking issues.

Keep what you want in mind

When choosing your hotel it’s important to keep in mind all the things you want. Ask yourself what you want from your accommodation, what’s important to you and what will make your stay extra special.

Things to consider are whether you want breakfast to be included? Full or half board? What about access to a gym or swimming pool, or maybe wi-fi and internet facilities are vital ingredients?

Before you book, write down what you need from your accommodation, budget accordingly and then start your search. 

Fresh and new

The amount of travellers who have been left sorely disappointed after realising that their hotel doesn’t match the modern and sleek images advertised online is staggering. To avoid the same fate, make sure you find out when the hotel was last updated.

No one wants to make use of dirty showers, broken toilets, faulty mattresses and peeling wallpaper, which is why it’s important to conduct a little research. Don’t be afraid to ring the hotel and ask when the facilities were last updated and search through Google and social media to find the latest images from travellers who have spent time there.

Going the extra mile

If you spot a hotel review that shows the owner or staff took the time to go the extra mile or paid attention to details, you can be sure it is a good one to book. People who care about your stay are wroth their weight in gold.

Eco-friendly stays

If you’re a traveller who is conscious of their environmental impact then you can always apply your ethics into your accommodation. Look for hotels that specialise in environmentally friendly practices such as low emissions, recycling programs, reusable water bottles, renewable sources of energy, and even vegan food options.  

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