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When in Rome – 4 things all visitors should avoid

Written by Fiona

February 13 2020

Rome is such a beautiful Italian city, it’s no wonder that millions of people visit this historic place every single year. With its unmatchable array of historical sites and painstakingly preserved archaeological locations, this vibrant city is an eclectic mix of new and old, culture and discovery – you can find out more about Rome Opera Tickets by clicking the link – and not forgetting it’s the world-renowned food scene. 

Stunning Rome.

Take a trip to Rome and you’ll find that Romans are both obliging and extremely accommodating to tourists and visitors alike, however, most seasoned travellers would advise new visitors to make themselves aware of local traditions, simply to avoid doing anything offensive and to make their visit much more authentic.

Want to know more? Read on to discover 4 things all visitors should avoid.

Say no to the cappuccino 

Enjoy coffee black, not with milk.

Is there anything more exciting than experiencing a real, authentic cup of Italian coffee? Many people travel to the area just to say they’ve experienced it. Of course, the menu in many of these coffee shops is extensive, however, if your favourite caffeine hit takes the form of a cappuccino, then you should avoid ordering it after midday. Why?

Italians will tell you that the excessive amount of milk used in a cappuccino is bad for your digestion and as such, should only be consumed as a breakfast coffee. Ordering one after lunch is a big faux pas, so opt for something black instead.

Dress conservatively (sometimes)

Of course, it gets incredibly hot in Rome, especially during the summer months so naturally, shorts, vests and summer dresses are the norm. However, Italians pride themselves on their aesthetics and being well dressed.

If you’re entering a historic location or place of culture it’s respectful to be wearing appropriate clothing and be conservative. Some places may refuse you entry if you’re not appropriately dressed.

If you know which days you’re going to visit these kinds of locations then plan ahead and take a light shawl with you or even a long-sleeved cardigan so you can cover up slightly. 

Don’t wash your feet in the fountains

Look, don’t wash your feet!

It sounds pretty gross, right? But you’d be amazed how many tourists find it acceptable to dip their feet into some of the beautiful fountains that Rome is famous for.

Again, Rome is hot and after a long day walking through the famous cobbled streets, it’s natural to want to cool off. However, you should save it for your hotel room. To wash your feet in a fountain is considered wholly disrespectful by locals. 

Don’t feel rushed

In this part of the world, life is all about leisure and family. Meal times are taken very seriously and you are expected to take your time to really enjoy the food and company.

When you head to an authentic Italian restaurant, it’s natural to order one course at a time and take as long as you like between them.

You won’t be given the bill until you ask for it. So sit back and enjoy life at a slower pace for a change. 

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