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Review: LEKI Helicon Lite ski touring poles

Written by Fiona

March 03 2020

Leki have launched the new Helicon Lite ski touring poles at an RRP of £64.95. My friend and guest reviewer Martin took the poles for an outing to Glencoe this winter.

Features of Leki Helicon Lite ski touring poles:

  • Two-piece pole – and packing size of 99cm
  • Adjustable height from 110cm to 145cm
  • Made from high-strength aluminium
  • Robust pole diameter of 16mm and 14 mm
  • LEKI’s Speedlock+ system, which is “35% lighter and 27% smaller than the SpeedLock 1 system and maintains the same holding force”. 
  • The Evocon Soft Core Grip, including grip variations for ascents and descents
  • Touring baskets are practical and can be used to adjust ski binding and heel lifter. 

On test: Leki Helicon Lite ski touring poles

Martin uses the Leki ski poles on a ski touring outing at Glencoe Mountain.

Martin put the poles through their paces during a ski touring day at Glencoe. He says: “The adjustment system is slick and the lock felt quite solid, so I was confident from the outset that the poles would be of good quality.

“The poles felt robust and I could trust my weight on them when I wanted to push uphill. However, at the same time, the poles did not seem overly heavy.

“Leki have created a good balance of weight and strength, I think.”

Being able to adjust the height of the poles is useful for ski touring because many people prefer to have them at different lengths for ascending and descending.

You can also swap the poles between people of different heights.

Martin noted that the hand grip felt secure. He liked that the Leki poles have a main hand grip area and then an extended grip lower down the pole. This is really useful for being able to easily adjust where you place your hands on the poles for ascending and descending, or when ski-walking on a gradient.

Martin adds: “Another good feature is the large ski basket at the bottom of the pole. It means the poles do not end up too deep in snow.”

The baskets have a useful details that allows you to make adjustments to ski binding and settings without having to bend over.

Martin notes: “In addition, there is a good flat surface on the baskets for clearing snow from the skis. This is a great idea.”


There are lighter poles on the market and some people might prefer to have the ski binding adjustor on the handle rather than the basket, but for the price, the poles seem good quality and robust.

Leki is a trusted brand for ski and walking poles and I have been impressed over the years by the quality and the features.

See Leki.

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