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What are the world’s greatest kitesurfing events?

Written by Fiona

April 15 2020

Kitesurfing is a wind-powered water sport that involves a kite, a unique board and loads of fun. The activity harnesses the power of wind brought to a parachute-like kite to propel the kite-boarder across the surface of the water. 

Albeit it has surfing in its name, this sporting activity doesn’t require waves. However, it does need a suitable amount of force from the wind. 

And once you get into kitesurfing you might like to watch or compete in some of the world’s greatest kitesurfing events.

Kitesurfing competition.

Red Bull Megaloop

Pack your kitesurfing T shirts and book your next kitesurfing trip to Zandvoort in the Netherlands for the Red Bull Megaloop event. Here, kiteboarders challenge each other to show their biggest and most extreme megaloops to the world. 

This event can happen anytime between April 1 to November 1 because the winds in Zandvoort are strong enough to launch and carry the kites and boarders at good kitesurfing speeds. The wind in this city can reach more than 30 knots during this period. 

It might sound like the wind speed is dangerously high, but officials study the weather patterns to ensure the safety of the participants and onlookers. But remember, only 16 participants can enter this event. So if you wait a long time to enlist, then other players might fill in the spots.

Australian Kitefoiling Championships

Are you up for a kitesurfing event in the “Land Down Under”? If so, then it’s time to bring your tote bags with your kitesurfing gear to Melbourne, Australia, for the annual Australian Kitefoiling Championships. 

This watersports event lasts for five days and it’s a mixed-gender relay racing event. The activity allows racers to test their skills to reach the finish line in record time. 

Bear in mind that participating in this competition requires you to follow strict rules. First, you need to be a member of one of the local sailing clubs. Some examples include the Milang Regatta Club in South Australia and the Perth Kite Racing Club in Western Australia. Also, all participants need to be public liability insurance plan holders wherein a membership for Kiteboarding Australia should be valid. 

KiteFoil World Series

The KiteFoil World Series is a group of events held in different locations across the globe. You can participate in significant kitesurfing events in places such as Sardinia in Italy, Swinousjcie in Poland and Weifang in China. 

Unlike other kitesurfing events, the KiteFoil World Series has minimal equipment restrictions. Different brands can test their latest products on the market with their sponsored athletes. Also, these events are excellent testing grounds for the companies’ new equipment. 

If there’s one thing that can entice you to join these events, it’s going to be the prize money. You can win a cash prize ranging from 15,000 to 50,000 EUR (about 16,300 to 55,000 USD).

GKA Freestyle World Cup

Is freestyle kiteboarding your cup of tea? If so, consider joining the GKA Freestyle World Cup.  This event is open to both male and female kiteboarders.

Here, you’ll compete at four wake style events and two other occasions with stronger winds to focus on letting players achieve “big air”. The person with the most points by the end of the event will be the World Champion for that year. 

If the GKA Freestyle World Cup interests you, then you need to check the site’s main events page for further information. It’s because the locations for this event vary, depending on important factors like wind and weather conditions. 

However, some locations where this watersports event might happen include Sicily in Italy, Tarifa in Spain and Kalpitya in Sri Lanka. So, hold on to your plane tickets and kitesurfing mugs and wait for the official announcement. 

Also, take note that the GKA Freestyle World Cup may have a different style of distributing the cash prize to the winning participants. For instance, the authorities of the event may decide to split the prize money, depending on the number of competitors. So, if the prize is 30,000 EUR (about 33,000 USD), then the winner in the first place will receive 40% of the reward, which is 12,000 EUR (about 13,200 USD). 

Conclusion: The Red Bull Megaloop, Australian Kitefoiling Championships, KiteFoil World Series, and the GKA Freestyle World Cup are four of the best kitesurfing events you can participate in around the globe. 

Perhaps you may also find an event in other locations like Naxos Island. But, make sure to consider the rules and regulations before you decide to book a ticket to those locations. Otherwise, you might not be able to participate in these kitesurfing festivities. 

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