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On the trail of local history: Milngavie to Carbeth return

Written by Fiona

July 24 2020

Over lockdown, I started to explore my local area far more than I have ever done in the past 20 years. I came across a few heritage sites that led me to the history books and websites to unearth the stories behind various places. This eight mile return route follows the West Highland Way, with short detours, and is ideal for a cycle outing or a walk.

Highlight locations include the Carbeth lido, the Carbeth huts, Carbeth loch and the Craigallian Fire memorial.

West Highland Way and Craigallian Loch.
One of the Carbeth huts
Carbeth Loch.

Watch my video:

See the route on OS Maps: In search of history.

Find out more about local history: Carbeth Hutters and Strathblanefield history.

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