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Top 10 adventure breaks in the world

Written by Fiona

August 12 2020

An adventure holiday is the perfect opportunity to escape the confines of your routine life and have an exciting and dynamic experience. Here is an inspiring bucket list ofadventure destinations you can start planning for.

Tips for going on adventure holidays

Before you embark on your journey, you need to ensure some basic checks in place. Since this holiday is unlike a normal break, it is important to pack the right things and have a mix of both light and warm clothes. If it’s a walking trip, you’ll need good quality shoes or boots, while a cycling holiday will require the right kind of bike.

Be sure to consider other essentials, such as adequate insurance for your trip, as well as visa and any inoculations you might need for different countries.

Exploring the wilderness

  • A Walking Safari in Zimbabwe offers a breathtaking experience at the Hwange National Park, which is home to leopards, rhinos, lions and elephants, among many other animals.
  • Take the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu at an altitude of 4,200m.
  • Walk the Milford Track in New Zealand, cutting through the Fiordland National Park and enjoying an abundance of ice fields, waterfalls, forests and lakes along the way.
  • Visit Antarctica, the land of some intense, dangerous, but incredibly exciting experiences and take a cruise in the Weddell Sea to witness the gigantic icebergs, penguin colonies and a variety of other wildlife.
  • Go River Rafting in the Grand Canyon, USA, and check out the Grand Canyon’s South Kaibab Trail that leads you to a certain ‘Ooh Ah Point’, and further into the depths of Canyon. It’s not without a reason that it’s counted amongst the ultimate natural wonders of the world! 
  • Packed with iridescent glacier lakes, forested mountains and concealed spring rivers, Montenegro is perfect for indulging in a variety of adventure activities that include kayaking, biking and hiking.
  • An adventure break in Chad can be quite an unforgettable holiday with its plethora of cultural encounters, including semi-nomadic cattle herders. You can camping amidst the subtropical grasslands and the pampas of the Sahel.

Adrenaline packed getaways

  • Go snorkelling with the sharks off the Marchena Islands in the Galapagos, one of the best places to witness marine life. You will also get to see sea turtles, dolphins, sea lions, eels and rays here.
  • There are several places in the world that are tourist hot spots for a variety of entertainment options, however Sri Lanka also has its own charm for all kinds of reasons. Try surfing, see captivating architecture and enjoy delectable food and warm hospitality.
  • A holiday in the Alps is popular for skiing and hiking activities, as well as adrenaline charged paragliding.

Gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime

To enjoy any holiday it is important to do your homework properly. Besides understanding the basic logistics of your trip, planning out your itinerary, making your travel arrangements and packing all the essentials for your break, it is important that your physical fitness is also up for the adventure ahead.

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