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CBD cream and other tips to manage sore muscles

Written by Fiona

January 18 2021

Whether you enjoy running, cycling or participating in more extreme sports, your muscles are bound to get sore every now and then. While rest is one of the most important ways for muscles to recover and grow stronger, there are some other helpful tricks, from the best CBD cream to knowing when to eat and more.

1 CBD Topical

We’ve all heard about popular Just CBD Gummies by now. But did you ever realise how effective CBD lotions can be? They are pretty amazing! If you exercise and have sore muscles the right CBD topical can be a great solution,

Just rub a little on to your skin and the physical tension becomes manageable. CBD Relief Cream uses aloe vera, coconut oil and witch hazel to get rid of itchy and red skin.

CBD roll-ons are ideal for tension in the neck, as well as lower back pain. Meanwhile, they assist with both pain and inflammation.

2 Drink plenty of water

It seems so self-explanatory but many people forget to stay hydrated while exercising. Otherwise, your sensitive muscles will have trouble recovering after their workout. Water keeps the fluids moving throughout the body, delivering important nutrients and flushing out waste.

Of course, people don’t always realise that they’re becoming dehydrated. That is why it is smart to stay ahead of the game and always have plenty of water at your disposal. If the old fashioned taste of H20 is simply too boring for you, add some colour and taste with fresh fruit, such as berries and melons.

3. Know when to eat after exercising

Professionals claim that the smartest time to enjoy a meal after working out is 30 minutes after exercising. A half hour is just the right amount of time to feed your muscles the essential nutrients to efficiently repair themselves.

Try to consume approximately 30 grams of proteins and another 30 grams of carbs. Maybe try a little Greek yogurt with honey and berries. Amino acids and carbs will assist with refuelling your system. Rely on fruit and vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals.

It may take a bit of planning, but make sure you prioritise your meals and plan your snacks wisely.

4 Get quality sleep

Getting roughly six to eight hours of high quality sleep at night is crucial for a number of reasons. While individuals may not feel an immediate effect of a full night’s rest, it is always good for one’s muscles. It is in our beds at night that our systems make new proteins necessary for repairing damaged muscles.

Enjoying good sleep also plays an important role in everything from a person’s state of mind and memory to weight and immune system. Toss in some amazing Just CBD Lotion and you’ll feel at the top of your game in no time. 

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