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Have you tried: Night mountain bike riding?

Written by Fiona

February 02 2021

night mountain bike riding

Mountain biking is great fun at any time, but night mountain biking riding reveals a new and magical world. Find out more, including how to get started.

night mountain bike riding
I really enjoy night mountain bike riding.

The fun and joy of night riding

I’ve mountain biked at Mugdock Country Park, Stirlingshire, more times than I can recall, but never has it seemed so magical. Although I can see only 20 metres ahead and to the sides, my front headlamp lights the winding trail and woodland as if I am cycling through the setting of a fantastic fairytale.

The scenery, so familiar in daylight, appears more vivid at night. Wet rocks shimmer, mossy tree roots glow and as I pass a loch, the still water reflects the landscape in moonlit, sunset pink-tinted perfection.

This is night-time mountain bike riding and it’s one my favourite winter activities.

There is no need to plan an extravagant route because even with the brightest of lights, a familiar trail will be the safest choice.

Night-time in a Scottish winter is usually much chillier than in summer, too, which means a shorter outing is the most enjoyable.

My favourite night ride is rarely more than 10 miles and I usually leave my home north of Glasgow for a short road ride to reach Scotland’s original long-distance path, the West Highland Way.

Joining the quiet trail – another advantage of going in the dark – I follow WHW signposts north to reach beautiful Mugdock.

night mountain bike riding

The choices of routes in the park are plentiful although at some stage I need to ride uphill, whether on a short but steep rocky incline, or a longer but steadier ascent. 

The rewards of the climb are the views from on high, especially the twinkling lights of people’s  homes in surrounding villages below, and the descent.

While a GPS recording of the wee adventure shows I travel much slower than normal on a  downhill section of bumps and berms, somehow the headlamp in the dark makes me feel as if I am flying.

Before retracing my route home, I usually relish a flatteringly flat and fast cycle around Milngavie Reservoirs, which provide the drinking water for much of Greater Glasgow.

At night, with very few walkers and runners to be cautious of, it’s a gloriously peaceful location and usually provides further stunning night-time vistas.

The only drawback of a winter’s night ride is that as soon as you stop, you get cold, so I have to rush to clean the mud from my bike at the back door and then jump into a hot shower.

Top tip: Take a back-up light or battery with you in case the headlamp you are using loses all charge.

night mountain bike riding

Stay safe

  • Ride at night with a friend
  • Pack a puncture repair kit
  • Take an emergency bivvy bag/blanket in case of injury or accident.
night mountain bike riding
night mountain bike riding
A good quality, high output headlamp is a good idea.

Kit list for night riding

  • Mountain bike with grippy tyres 
  • Fully charged front bike light
  • Back light for safety
  • Helmet
  • Warm cycle clothing, including gloves
  • Mobile phone
  • Rucksack with puncture repair kit, spare clothes, water and a snack.

This article was published in The Scots Magazine.

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