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Get your vaccine and get ready to ski – 2021 travel tips

Written by Fiona

March 01 2021

With the corona pandemic still going on, it’s hard to write about travel but it’s important to remember the things we love to do. With the vaccination programme going on, we will hopefully be able to travel again before the winter season is over. 

Under normal circumstances, we’d be talking about ski travelling and snowy resorts right now, so let’s do it. The thing is that the situation is changing so quickly and there are ski resorts in Europe that are y open, so here is an article with some budget tips.

With Europe being blessed with countless mountain ranges and top-notch ski resorts, this is a prime location for a vacation on the slopes. If you are among the lucky ones to have got your vaccination already and allowed to travel then you can enjoy some of Europe’s top resorts for a reasonable price. There are some tips to show you how to make your hard-earned cash stretch that little further.

This post reveals three of Europe’s best budget-friendly ski resorts.

Italy – Sauze d’Oulx

We all remember Italy of 2020. About this time last year, the country was facing the huge crisis of Covid. Many fear the Italian tourism sector will never recover but the country has long been a prime location for those who love to ski.

As you may already know, Italy is blessed to share some of the Alps with other countries such as France and Switzerland. But while there are some hugely expensive resorts to go to, there are also some fantastic ones that are much more affordable.

Sauze d’Oulx is one of them and with a weekly ski pass that costs less than €200, it’s pretty tough to find a better value in this part of the world. It’s not like Sauze d’Oulx is lacking in quality either, as it has incredible red-runs, award-winning restaurants and plenty of sophisticated accommodation options. 

And if you are based in Europe, you can save even more money by transporting your own skis or snowboard from door to door. This will save you hundreds of Euros, but when sending your skis and snowboard abroad it’s always worthwhile to find an independent carrier. Airlines can charge an arm and a leg to take these things with you, so by taking the time to do this you can ensure that you aren’t getting ripped off.

Poland – Białka Tatrzańska

Poland is a far cry from the famous slopes in places like France, Italy, or Switzerland. However, when you travel the less worn path, you can often find some absolute gems in the mix.

Bialka Tatrzanska is one of these gems and the resort is much friendlier to those that are new to skiing or snowboarding. This is because the terrain here is loaded with blue slopes, which are ideal for those that want to either learn from scratch or enhance their existing skills without going too crazy.

The prices here are incredible, too, with a weekly ski pass for just over €100. And with your ski pass, you can venture into several other resorts that are rolled into the same area. In total, you will get the luxury of more than 10 miles of slopes, not to mention the traditional Polish dishes you can enjoy at all of the restaurants in the mountains.

France – Val Cenis

Last but not least, is Val Cenis. If you haven’t heard of this one, you really have been missing out. Here you get all of the beautiful French Alps without the misery of a four or five-figure price tag for a week’s holiday.

There are multiple places in Val Cenis where you can bunk with three or four friends for less than €500, and that’s total – not per person.Val Cenis has excellent variety too, with almost 100 miles of incredible slopes that carry a mix of black, red and blue runs.

And if you are concerned about the price of the ski pass, it is less than €200. This is an absolute steal since you’ll get to enjoy the marvellous French Alps.


As you have hopefully seen throughout the information here, it doesn’t have to break the bank to have a top-notch ski trip. With weekly ski passes on offer for just a few hundred Euros and relatively cheap flights to get to these places, you could be just a few clicks away from booking a cheap but awesome winter vacation. Don’t be afraid to try these new places either, for there are hundreds of great reviews for each of the spots mentioned – so why not give them a shot?

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