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10 travel tips that will help you stress less on your next trip

Written by Fiona

April 04 2021

Holidays provide some of the most magical moments in our lives, but there is no escaping the fact that travel can be stressful from time to time. This is especially true in the post-pandemic era, which is why you must prepare for holidays like never before. Your could try a customised journey with Tourist Journey and also check out these 10 steps to ensuring your next trip is as smooth and enjoyable as it should be.

1. Travel with the right people

Choose your travel companions wisely for the best holiday. Ensure you all want to do the same thing when on holiday and have the same sort of ideas on budget and activities. It is suggested that travelling together is the easiest way to lose friends and those sentiments might ring especially true in the current climate. After all, this is a stressful time for us all. Being in close quarters will shine the spotlight on negative character traits. So, you should take this into account before travelling.

Of course, you also need to confirm that it is actually safe to travel with friends from outside of your household. Ultimately the right travel party will enhance your experiences, but now is not the time for taking risks.

2. Know the legal regulations

It is a strange time to travel due to a combination of social and political issues. For anyone travelling to the UK, it’s important to research the Electronic UK visa waiver scheme. Likewise, UK citizens leaving the country in a post-Brexit world will need to check out the visa requirements. Otherwise, you could be left facing fines or travel restrictions.

In addition to the political issues, you need to consider health concerns. If you take anxiety remedies like herbal tinctures, Organic CBD Nugs oil, or kava; ensure every country you’re passing through allows them. Some countries have restrictions on these products or how much you can carry at a time, however these have been easing up as of late. In addition, vaccination passports look likely to enter the arena for the next period of our lives. Staying abreast of the latest developments is vital for your peace of mind.

3. Plan for the journey

Airports, flights and other aspects of the journey are stressful at the best of times. However, the coronavirus protocols certainly add an extra degree of stress. Thankfully, there are several ways to make life a little easier. Carrying antibacterial gel, a spare mask, and related safety items is vital. If nothing else, it will remove fears.

Further steps may include booking flights at convenient times and eating just before you leave the departure lounge. Packing some items to keep you entertained will be very beneficial for long haul journeys. After all, interactions with other passengers are limited.

4. Think about the onward journey

In the current climate, you are likely to drive to the departure airport rather than use public transport. And once you arrive at your destination, it’s probably best to look at private transport, too. Visit to learn more about booking more comfortable onward travel. It could be faster, safer and more convenient than public transport at this time.

The harsh reality is that you wouldn’t have the same luxuries of asking people for directions as normal. So, having a local expert that knows how to get you to your accommodation in a safe and convenient manner is key. They can provide tours, too.

5. Choose accommodation wisely

The pandemic has affected different countries to varying degrees of severity. As such, you will need to conduct your own research on the chosen destination. Nonetheless, selecting suitable accommodation should take greater priority than ever before.

Therefore, weighing up the pros and cons of hotels, villas, and short-term rentals should be high on the agenda. While safety and cleanliness are vital, you also need to think about location. Proximity to attractions and places of interest will pay dividends.

6. Pack the essentials

Visiting a county in the post-pandemic era should not mean you are restricted to the accommodation. You should still visit places and explore the new location. Nonetheless, it makes sense to remove unnecessary assignments like buying toiletries. Navigating shops without help from locals and while wearing a mask can be tough.

With this in mind, it makes sense to pack the sun lotions, beauty products, and toiletries that may be needed during your stay. It’s one less thing to worry about, which will allow you to enjoy the destination with far greater results.

7. Explore by foot

Sure, there are plenty of activities that will require car travel. Likewise, helicopter tours can give you the perfect way to look over a city. However, any opportunity to explore a destination by foot should be grabbed with open arms. Whether it’s hiking up a mountain or walking along the coastline is up to you.

Either way, the relaxed atmosphere and light exercise is a winning combination. The release of endorphins, along with the fresh air, should see stress levels facade. It also allows you to enjoy a holiday destination unlike you ever have before. Perfect. 

8. Know the local area

Even if travel to a destination is permitted, it’s likely that the pandemic has changed the situation. Some attractions will be closed while others will have restrictions in place. The guidebooks or previous visits to the destination may not give you an accurate view of the current situation.

Equipping yourself with current info is key. As such, you may want to visit to learn about the latest apps on the market. This will help prevent nasty surprises, thus making life far more enjoyable while you’re away.

9. Forget souvenir shopping

Souvenir shopping is one of the holiday traditions that we all enjoy. And there’s nothing wrong with picking up a product or two to remind you of this holiday. After all, it will be one you remember forever after the difficulties of the past 12-18 months. However, you should not feel any guilt about overlooking gifts for loved ones back home.

They will understand the situation. In truth, it will make very little difference to their lives. Just seeing some great holiday snaps and your happiness while away is the best gift they can receive right now. And it’s one less source of stress while you’re away.

10. Choose the right destination

It could have been the first item on the list, but an appreciation of the factors above will probably help you think twice about the destination. The fact is that vacations in destinations where the restrictions are far fewer will be more enjoyable. Dubai, for example, has become very popular. And not only with the social media influencers you either love or hate.

There are plenty of other countries and territories where Covid-19 has either caused less damage or is now under control. So, choose wisely, and you will be destined to have the stress-free holiday that you deserve.

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