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Tips to go to African mountains – your next adventure travel

Written by Fiona

April 22 2021

If you are a first time traveler in the African Mountains, you should be well prepared with tips and other important travel information before embarking on your adventure. The most significant thing to consider while travelling to tallest mountain in Africa is to be equipped with enough food and water for a comfortable stay in any of the destinations you visit. You can easily carry along your own food supply as well as water bottles or you can rent from local vendors. In addition, do not forget to bring with you a camera to capture memorable pictures of your exciting African trip.

Physically and mentally prepared

You should remember that travelling to high African mountains is not an easy activity. It requires you to be physically and mentally prepared. Make sure you train effectively for mountain hiking before you go.

Walking hills local to you, using the step trainer at the gym, climbing stairs wherever you can and staying in generally good shape will all help.

African mountains can offer you a wonderful vacation if you will know how to deal with them well. If you are going to make a trip to Africa, you must remember that safety is the most important thing to consider and there are times when the weather can become tricky so you need to ensure you have the right equipment. See the tip below, too.

Climb the mountain safely

Aside from preparing yourself for the trip, you must also learn how to climb the mountain safely. Some tips to take about this matter is to consult with someone who has experience in taking expeditions to the African mountains. It is always advisable to take someone capable enough to help you out because you may be too much at risk from mistakes or miscalculations. There are training that you can avail of regarding climbing techniques, so it would be better if you will know how to take this training to a higher level.

Use a map and compass

Just as you need to know how to use a map and compass in your home country to navigate the mountains, so it is important to do the same in Africa. Even if you are going with a guide, you should be prepared with a map, such as a Mt Kilimanjaro map.

Right equipment for the trip

Another one of the tips to travel African mountains is by making sure that you have the right equipment for the trip. There are a lot of requirements needed when you are going to climb the mountains and as a minimum you will need a waterproof jacket and trousers, baselayers, an insulated jacket, hiking boots and trekking poles. Also take advice form a guide on what other items of kit you might need depending on the season. It is important to dress for comfort while hiking and also for the expected weather.

Plenty more to do, too

As well as heading to the mountains of Africa, while you are travelling you might like to think about other options and excursions. You could explore the history and heritage of the country you have chosen to visit, or head off for a wildlife safari, or to the coast to go surfing or discover other water sports.

After all, if you have travelled as far as Africa, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible getting to know the continent.

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