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Here’s how to save money on your next adventure

Written by Fiona

June 04 2021

Are you planning your next holiday? If so, then you need to think about how to keep the budget under control. A wonderful holiday doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. There are some great ways to save and this article will reveal some of the secrets for you. There are some key recommendations that you should take on board. 

Think first before you fly off. Credit: Pexels

Choose the right phone plan

First, think about choosing the right phone plan before you go on your next holiday. Your phone is going to be a crucial part of your trip. It’s how you are going to remain connected with people at home while also taking important steps such as booking different parts of your holiday. However, if you’re not careful then your phone can also cost you a fortune. This can be the case if you have roaming charges.

This could be the perfect time to consider a phone switch. With something like SMARTY referral you can immediately save money by recommending the service to a friend. Phone companies like SMARTY are also useful because they allow you to ready your phone for travel with a click flick of a setting. 

Book early 

The time when you book can have a big impact on how much you are going to need to pay for your holiday. For instance, you might decide to book early. Booking early can be a smart move because you can avoid the mad rush to get tickets and ensure that you find a hotel room. During this rush, prices are always going to be higher so it’s great to avoid it completely.

Don’t forget if you book early and prices drop, you can also cancel (if you booking terms allow) nearer the time to get a better deal. There are sites that allow you to book holidays up to a year in advance or even longer if you are not arranging flights. 

Book late

Alternatively, you might want to think about booking your holiday later instead. A big benefit of booking later is that it means that you can take advantage of cancellations. When there are cancellations, travel companies are always going to be quick to try to fill in the gaps. You can use this to get a great deal on a room that would have been out of your price range originally. 

Explore package deals

Package deals can also be great when you are booking a holiday and provide big savings. There are various sites, such as Expedia, that will allow you to book package deals and explore various options to make your whole package more budget friendly. This is great if you are planning a family holiday as some places will allow you to include everything in the package. Some companies will even reward you with booking through their site, offering discounts on different activities and resorts. 

Do be aware that packages aren’t always cheaper and you should always check whether you can save by booking everything separately. 

Look for a package deal. Credit: Pixels

Compare different holiday resources

As you might have guessed there are lots of different resources and sites that you can use to book a holiday. You can choose a travel website which basically acts as a broker, providing you with some great deals. Or, you could want to consider going directly through the hotel website. This can provide massive benefits and you may even be able to access different discounts with this possibility.

You should also check your emails if you have travelled with a company before as they could have sent exclusive links for discounts directly to you. 

Become a club member 

There are various travel clubs that you can join which will allow you to save money on your next adventure. For instance, you might want to think about joining an airline and signing up for a membership. By doing this, you can collect miles when you travel which you will then be able to use as currency to get money off future flights or even hotel stays. This is a fantastic option and it could help you save a fortune on a future trip.

Some hotels also provide benefits to individuals who stay there regularly and have joined their club. This includes access to facilities that you would otherwise need to pay extra for. 

Choose off-peak travel times 

If you are eager to shave money off your next travel bill, then you need to make sure that you choose off-peak travel times. This is great if you have a flexible schedule. For instance, couples without kids should make sure that they are not travelling during the school holidays and instead go when the kids are all hard at work. Travel is always cheaper during this time. For instance, you might want to think about going in February or November if you can get the right seasonal weather. 

You can also save if you travel during certain times of the week such as on a Tuesday. Most people try to travel on a weekend and this can add a fortune to your journey. You are better off booking a few extra days. 

Get a great insurance deal 

Overall, your insurance isn’t going to add a massive amount to your travel budget. However, it’s still worth taking the time to save as much money as you can on this area of your holiday. You might want to think about looking at an insurance broker. They will be able to help you find a great insurance plan for you.

You could also save by checking an existing insurance plan that you might already have. For instance, banks tend to give insurance deals to their customers, saving you from booking your own. 

Explore connecting flights 

Direct flights are almost always going to be more expensive because they are the more convenient option. It can add a few extra hundred onto the price of your holiday and if you look, you might find that a direct flight doesn’t actually save you that much time. You could be better choosing a connecting flight instead. You just need to make sure that you are going to have enough time between flights to ensure that you don’t get stuck at an airport. 

How to plan for cheaper holiday. Credit: Pexels

Choose a less popular destination 

Popular tourist destinations are always the more expensive ones as the travel companies know that people will book whatever the price is. If you are able to choose a less populated area then you will more than likely save some money. If you are booking a beach holiday, try looking more in land rather than beachfront as these will be less pricey. 

A quick internet search can inform you of less popular holiday destinations. For example, Poland is a great choice as it is cheap and there are numerous things to do and see while there. There is really something for everyone in Poland, if you prefer to be surrounded by mountains or forests then this is the place for you. There are also beautiful picturesque rivers and canals to walk along. It is also great for thrill seeking couples and families, there are six, yes six theme parks in Poland. Take the kids along and go and explore the wonderful adrenaline filled Energylandia theme park that is located in Poland’s capital, Warsaw. 

Check for extras that aren’t included 

When you book a hotel, you should always check whether facilities and extras are included in the overall price for the room that you are paying. This isn’t always the case and you could use various facilities only to discover a massive bill at the end of your trip. Be aware if you do need to pay extra, then most hotels will allow you to save as long as you pay for these additional things in advance rather than when you arrive. 

Book during deal days

Finally, you might want to think about booking your holiday during deal days. While there are many examples of this throughout the year, the classic example would definitely be Black Friday. It might surprise you to learn that over the past few years, travel companies have become involved in giving people some great discounts on their holidays during the Black Friday sales. You could potentially shave a fortune off your holiday just by making sure that you do book during this time. 

Just as with package deals, it’s always best to check a price. While you can save money, some companies also try to pass off poor deals as great bargains during this time as well. 

Look for travel deals. Credit: Pexels

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to save money on your next travel adventure. If you take the right steps here then you’ll be able to ensure your next trips costs less than you previously assumed it would.

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