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7 natural wonders you don’t want to miss during your Thailand itinerary

Written by Fiona

August 11 2021

Are you a nature lover? Your Karambol Thailand itinerary will being you a great deal of pleasure thanks to its spellbinding landscapes. Indeed the wildlands offer a perfect panorama of undisturbed, captivating natural adventure. 

Keeping the hustle of metropolitan and other “commerce-sickened” cities away, you can embrace mother nature with your eyes and your heart by visiting these places. 

Do you want to know more? Here is a list of top natural attractions that you shouldn’t miss in Thailand.

Similan Islands

On your must-see list, it is time to start with the treasures beneath the sea surface. Why the Similan islands? It’s because there, the water is so clear that you’ll enjoy boating for hours. Many diving spots will let you discover the rich undersea biodiversity.

Moreover and contrary to other limestone islands in Thailand, it has low tops covered with ironwood, jackfruit and bamboo, which outdo the bright sky.

The wildlife is amazing, too, with plenty to spot such as crabs, langurs, squirrels, lizards and bats.

Erawan Falls

You can see many waterfalls during your Thailand itinerary. But is Erawan Falls exceptional? The answer is yes. Located in the Tenasserim Hills of the Western province of Kanchanaburi in Thailand, these seven-tiered falls are a major attraction. Many caves can also be found nearby. 

The rest of the national park comprises evergreen forests, streams and limestones. Thus, you will feel like being in a fantasy world.

Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park

Thanks to its unique limestone formations, one of Thailand’s top natural wonders is the Phang Nga National Park. This national park comprises more than 42 islands and islets. On the one hand, you will discover lush tropical vegetation, on the other hand, the emerald green reflection is seen in seawater. Visiting this national park will leave you with endless memories.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall ‎

Visit the biggest waterfall in Thailand. This limestone waterfall is 300 metres high and 500 metres wide, running through the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Umphang District, Tak Province. It creates loud rumbling music in the rainforest. For more enjoyment for tourists, boat trips and cave explorations are also available.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a great tourist destination in Thailand with an abundance of natural beauty. Yet, it’s pretty common for tourists to ignore the charming Koh Lanta island when visiting the neighbouring Koh Phi Phi.

A visit to Koh Lanta island can get you more fun as this area is less developed and crowded. The thick forest stretches over many miles.

Unlike crowded beaches on famous destinations, the matchless sunrise and sunset show more peace on its quiet shores. The best time to visit the most magnificent land of Koh Lanta is from October to April.

Chiang Dao

At a high altitude in Chiang Mai province lies the small town of Chiang Dao. Also known as the “city of stars”, it is the ideal atmosphere to invite you for daytime exploration. This hidden gem has many friendly tribes, tasty foods, irresistible coffee shops, several caves, refreshing springs, waterfalls and mountains in northern Thailand.  

If you love hiking and walking, the surrounding Pha Daeng National Park has many adventure opportunities. You can also discover wildlife here. To help you stay here, Chiang Dao has many hotels.

Khao Yai National Park

It is a UNESCO world heritage site and the third-largest national park in Thailand. The beauty of this national park is tremendous. You can see lush green meadows, valleys, hills and very rich biodiversity.

The western side of the park features excursions to engage tourists. You’ll love the blue horizon embracing green land in Khao Yai National Park.

Final Thoughts

The best way to enjoy your Thailand itinerary is not to visit the well-known places but those that fewer people know about. You’ll have a great time embracing mother nature.

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