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What are the best times to visit Venice?

Written by Fiona

August 09 2021

Venice is a gem of European culture. It is a unique city in Italy that is located on the water. It easily captivates with its beauty and wins hearts with a vibrant atmosphere. However, to experience the magical and romantic Venice, you need to properly plan your trip.

Read these tips to ensure you have the best trip to Venice.

The right weather 

Taking into account the Venice weather, the best time to visit Venice is late spring and early summer. However, during these months the streets are extremely crowded, prices are high, budget hotels are packed and there are long queues at many attractions.

In autumn, Venice usually has fewer tourists, but there is a greater likelihood of acqua alta or, in more simple words, high tide when flooding may occur. On the other hand, flooding in this city is an unusual and you will experience Venice at a quieter time.

How about visiting Venice in winter? There are a number of benefits such as reduced prices for accommodation and flights. Be warned, though, that the city can suffer with fog in this season. On the other hand, if you go when there are Christmas festivities the city will feel alive and vibrant even if the weather is not so great.

In summary, the best time to travel to Venice is April-May and September-November. Milder temperatures and 5 to 6 hours of sunshine per day are expected during this time. Hotel prices are lower, and lines to major attractions are more or less acceptable.

How about going to a festival?

Most of the festivals held in the city are directly related to art. Anyone who visits Venice will love the splendour of the architecture and the opportunity to enjoy art and culture.

  • Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival, which is celebrated annually in February or March, is the world’s most famous and oldest festival of masks. Every year, thousands of travellers strive to get to Venice to take part in the carnival festivities that traditionally take place on the eve of Lent.

  • Venice Biennale

With great authority, the Venice Biennale is like the Olympic Games in art. It’s an international art exhibition that takes place every two years from early June to late November.

The Venice Biennale has a specific theme, and the best artists are awarded Golden Lions.

Each time it attracts people from all over the world, as well as tens of thousands of spectators eager to satisfy their cultural hunger.

  • Festa del Redentore

The holiday falls on the third weekend in July. The centre of this religious fest is the Church of Il Redentore (Savior) on the island of Giudecca opposite St. Mark’s Square.

The festival is celebrated with a pontoon bridge over a canal, a feast, fireworks, and a gondolier regatta.

  • Venice Film Festival

The Venice International Film Festival is one of the main events of the cinematic world, taking place in late August to early September in Venice. Over 10 to 11 days, the latest novelties – full-length and short films – are presented to the jury and the public.

  • Historical Regatta in Venice

The city is famous not only for carnivals but also for a Historical Regatta. The Regata Storica is the centerpiece of the Venetian rowing calendar. A colourful historic water pageant precedes four races on the city’s canals.

A few tips when visiting Venice

Before any trip, carefully explore the travel tips given by experienced tourists.

  • Choose the right time

One of the features of the city is a huge flow of visitors – about 30 million people a year visit the gem of Italy.

In practice, these are crowds of people wandering around. Therefore, if you want to be in silence, or to take beautiful photos with your mobile phone, you should wake up early and get to the central square at about 7am.

By the way, travel photography is a must, because Venice is a city of incredible beauty. Later, you can make the mini-movie with the help of free video editing software like VSDC, WeVideo, or Movavi, and show it to your friends, or maybe even post vlogs on YouTube.

  • Bring clothes to go to churches

There are many old churches among the sights of Venice, which contain masterpieces of art and Christian shrines. Therefore, when visiting them, you need to remember that you need to cover your shoulders and legs up to your knees.

  • Tips are not always left to waiters

Most often, they are included in the check called “coperto.”

  • Check the prices 

Venice is spoiled by tourists, so prices are often not indicated on the menu near the entrances, which can be very expensive.

  • Florian Café 

If you would like to have a coffee at the legendary Florian Café with live music, be prepared that cost of the music is included in the bill.

  • No sitting

It is forbidden to sit on sidewalks near Venice attractions.

Final thoughts:  Careful and thoughtful preparation will help to make your trip to Venice a dream vacation. Spend enough time analysing all aspects.

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