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Basic checks when you are buying a used Class A motorhome

Written by Fiona

September 20 2021

If you and your family enjoy spending time outside, an A-class motorhome is an excellent choice. If you want to join the burgeoning camper community by purchasing your very own luxury Class A house on wheels, there is one drawback that may deter you: The expensive expense of these vehicles. Fortunately, you may avoid this issue by purchasing an automatic motorhome for sale.

Why should you use caution while purchasing used Class A rigs?

A class motorhome has seen much wear and tear, and many of the original parts may have been changed over the years.

Furthermore, the owner may be selling the vehicle because it has flaws, such as low mileage. Not all of the RV’s problems will be visible. Frozen pipes or a broken heating system can be challenging to notice. If you don’t want to be plagued with these troubles, perform some basic tests before purchasing.

Check number one: The mileage

Most automatic motorhomes for sale are stored in garages until the owner’s annual camping or vacation period. As a result, a very ancient vehicle may have unexpectedly low miles.

While this is beneficial because the parts have seen minor wear and tear, it also means that the rig has been sitting idle for extended periods. Any equipment, even these mobile homes, suffers from a lack of frequent use.

As a result, a rig with decent mileage may be a better alternative than one (equally old) with extremely low figures.

Check number two: The interior

Check the upholstery fabric for suppleness and resilience to ensure the car has not been subjected to extreme heat or cold. Check to see if all of the claimed features are present and functioning correctly.

Pay close attention to any indicators of significant repairs and inquire about them with the owner. If bugs have been running wild inside the vehicle, you should be able to see traces of damage they have caused, so keep an eye out for this as well.

3rd check: The underside

Crawling under the RV may not be a pleasant experience, but it could save you money if you discover that the frame has a heavy coating of rust, suggesting inadequate storage.

Check if the structure is still the same colour it was when the rig left the shop. Even cars in good condition are likely to have mild rust discoloration, so it is not necessarily a signal of a vehicle problem. On the other hand, excessive rust indicates that it has not been used and has not been well-maintained. This might not be the rig you’re looking for.

If you want a comfortable holiday home that will provide reliable service for years, a used Class A motor home in good condition is a terrific alternative. Finding one is also not difficult. All you have to do is keep an eye out for red flags and make an informed decision.

How to locate used motorhomes for sale

If you are in the market to buy motorhomes, you should have no trouble finding one that is right for you. Try the options listed below for finding used motorhomes for sale.

Search the internet

Sites such as ebay, Gumtree, specialist motorhome websites and Facebook etc are some of the best places to look for a motorhome for sale. To narrow your search, add the name of your town or city, or be prepared to travel a bit further roar a good deal.

Community message boards

Motorhome sellers frequently post promotional sale advertisements on local community message boards. These boards can be seen in various public places, such as hallways to restaurants, large retail establishments, markets and libraries. To find the adverts among all the free-home flyers and yoga class notes, you’ll need to be alert.


Your local auto dealership is another way to spot a used motorhome. Because many sellers accept motorhomes in exchange, they will occasionally have a variety of secondhand motorhomes available. You can sometimes find new or used motorhomes for sale, especially in the spring.

Motorhome dealerships, which specialise in the sale of RVs, are unquestionably the most acceptable option for both buyers and sellers. These companies operate in the same way that traditional car dealerships do.

Advertisements in classifieds

Checking local newspapers, especially the automobile section, is one way to find motorhomes near you. Many mobile van owners who need to sell their cars will be there and choose to advertise there. Motorhome sellers also place advertisements in publications regularly, and these usually include essential information and images.

The power of word of mouth

Listen out to friends, family and neighbours chatting about people who are selling motorhomes. Also, let it be known you are looking for a motorhome to buy. Soon, word will get around that you’re in the market to buy a used motorhome, and you might be notified by more than one person who has a used motorhome available for sale.

Using the methods outlined above, you will hopefully locate the recreational vehicle you require.

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