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Seven tips for practising self-care while travelling

Written by Fiona

October 20 2021

Whether you are exploring on foot on a hiking trip, on a bicycle as part of a bike-packing holiday, enjoying the view from a train journey or breezing down the highway in your car, your wellness should always be your first priority.

No matter where you go, by incorporating self-care, you are enriching your entire experience, and that is exactly what many of us want, especially since you only have a couple of weeks or even days a year to do so. Aside from some obvious tips to eat well, stay hydrated and prioritise quality sleep, here are seven ways to take care of yourself when travelling.

Why Is Self-Care Important While Travelling?

Sure, for some people, it may seem strange to think about self-care during your trip. After all, travelling to different and beautiful places helps us to destress from the chaos of work and escape the endless responsibilities of day-to-day life. So why do you need to take care of yourself while travelling?

The thing is, you can experience a lapse in both mental and physical health during your journey just as easily as at home. With so many new sounds, exciting sights and places, it’s only natural to ignore the warning signs and set self-care aside.

However, if you are feeling off or exhausted, it is much more difficult to be fully present in the moment and create long-lasting memories. Not to mention that struggling with a cold while on vacation can make your overall travel experience even worse. 

Prioritising a self-care regimen while travelling will help you sustain a clear mental state, high energy levels and make your body ready for adventure.

7 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While Travelling

Plan Your Self-Care Regimen In Advance

Just as you schedule your self-care routine in your daily life, make sure to do the same while travelling. If you plan and write down your self-care activities in advance, it can inspire and motivate you to do so.

When planning your self-care during the journey, much like your destination, look for places of relaxation and tranquillity in your accommodation, like fitness centres, spas, pools and others. You can also explore local yoga classes and other fun and beneficial activities that make time for your self-care and promote wellness during your stay.

Pack All Essentials

It is true that not all of us can afford to fly first class and stay at 5-star hotels. But it is crucial to bring the essentials with you so you can practise your daily self-care routine every step of the way. This can include everything from lip balm and your favourite moisturiser to comfy socks and a sleep mask – anything that will make your trip not just bearable but pleasant and even luxurious.

Also, a small journal, yoga mat, candles, essential oils or bath salts are just a few examples of small yet great items that you can easily fit in your luggage. Such self-care items can be a great way to remind and encourage you to take some time for self-care of yourself, and as a result, have a lively and memorable travel experience.

Consider Bringing CBD 

This natural supplement is a real must-have product not only in daily life but also during your trip. Whether you want to improve your focus with old-fashioned CBD oil capsules, some tasty CBD gummies UK, relieve your discomforts with soothing CBD balm or pamper yourself with a hydrating CBD face mask, this compound can be a great addition to your self-care regimen. 

Using CBD oil for sleep and anxiety can be useful for keeping your stress at bay and promoting better sleep, as well as alleviating your pain and aches. This can help to improve your well-being and your travel experience in general.

Say ‘Yes’ To Phone-Free Time

Tell your family members you are safe. Posting stories and photos from the trip. Texting new friends. Indeed, when travelling, it can be tempting to pass the time on your phone.

However, try to disconnect and enjoy all the sights and sounds of your destination. You can check your smartphone and upload photos later – when your mind is clear and your soul is full after a period of digital detox.

Plan A Day Of Spontaneous Exploring

Travelling is an activity that requires careful planning, whether it is hotel reservations, flights or itineraries. But if you are too busy planning, your relaxing vacation can turn into a stressful and inflexible experience. Make sure to incorporate at least one day to be spontaneous and just head out and see where the wind takes you.

Or at least try to have a slow travel day to help balance dynamic days filled with endless activities and make the most of your travels. Sleep well, have a long and luxurious breakfast, enjoy a day at the spa or go for a slow and casual stroll – choose any activity that carries the most benefits to you and take things slowly.

Be Present

Sure, travel can get busy and stressful, but we bet you don’t really want to be the person who needs another vacation after your vacation. Therefore, try to be more mindful and aware of everything that is happening around you and prioritise finding moments of peace, even during a hectic day – from the food you eat and the air you breathe to the adventures you discover and the people you meet.

Let Go Of Expectations

Setting high or unrealistic expectations for your trip will inevitably lead to disappointment. At the same time, the ability to just go with the flow can bring some unexpected opportunities and new experiences. 

So next time, instead of getting frustrated when there is bad weather on your planned beach day or feeling guilty about skipping ‘must-see’ attractions, try looking for other possibilities and alternative activities, such as an indoor yoga session or wine tasting. The fewer expectations you have, the fewer chances for negative energy or disappointment.

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