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4 trip ideas for adventurous couples exploring Australia

Written by Fiona

January 05 2022

Australia is the ultimate traveller’s hub featuring bucket-list attractions, mirror-like waters, getaway islands, rainforests, mountains, white-sand beaches and a multitude of other jaw-dropping landscapes. 

With more than 10,000 beaches, 8000 islands, and 500 National Parks, Australia has to be one of the most tempting places to travel. With so many different options, Australia has become the ultimate tourist destination, providing something for everyone.

Focusing on the sixth-largest country in the world, the post lists the greatest trips for couples looking for an adventurous change of scene. 

Journey through the lush Daintree Rainforest 

Cruise through the 135 million-year-old Daintree Rainforest, which is situated in Tropical North, Queensland. It is home to some beautiful valleys, enchanting trees and a multitude of creeks and rivers making every sight a wonder.

You can choose to walk the trail, cruise through a river or hike in the wilderness to explore the 1,200 square hectares forest. There is no better way to discover Australia than witnessing its tropical and exotic wildlife. The Daintree Rainforest is sure to quench your adventurous thirst.

Canoe the Katherine River

Take a magical journey down the Katherine River to witness some of Australia’s most scenic spots. Situated 320 kilometres southeast of Darwin, the Katherine River hosts numerous beautiful waterfalls, thermal springs and exotic plant and animal species.

Take a shower under the waterfall or go star-gazing during the night. The trip around the Katherine River won’t disappoint your adventurous soul as you discover secluded picnic spots and unusual, rocky terrain. 

Escape to Fraser Island

Fraser Island holds the title of the world’s largest sand island. The island’s expansive terrain houses more than 800 species of plants and massive sand dunes. 

The island also has its rainforest waiting to be explored. Due to the different ecosystems within the island, you are likely to spot exotic wildlife during your explorations.

The island provides a cosy atmosphere at night time when you start a bonfire under the stunning view of the stars. The festive season is the best time to travel to Australia on a getaway to Fraser Island.

Apart from the blue-water sea which showcases breathtaking sunsets, the island also features 100 fresh-water lakes ready for you to dive into.

Surf on the Bay of Fire

The Bay of Fire gets its name from the unique orange lichens that cover the large granite boulders on the bay. The turquoise waters, white sand and orange lichens form an aura that is tough to beat.

However, the beach is not the only attraction the place has to offer. The ocean also provides excellent conditions for seasoned surfers. 

Apart from that, the beaches also have some excellent spots for diving and snorkelling. Don’t miss the chance to discover Australia’s beautiful coral reef and fishlife.

Conclusion: From rocky mountains to sandy beaches, Australia has everything anyone can wish for in a perfect vacation.Choose from the many incredible landscape and unique sites that this wonderful country has to offer.

These were some of the adventurous sites you can visit this time of the year, but we are sure there are more than a dozen amazing sites that didn’t make the list.

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