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Bucket list travel: The top 10 places in Europe

Written by Fiona

January 18 2022

There is always one thing an avid traveller has on their mind – a never-ending bucket list of amazing places to visit. Unsurprisingly, it differs depending on the person, however, there are several places that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Here are 10 top places in Europe to add to your bucket list.

1.  Florence

Leaving you in awe every step of the way, Florence is a spectacular Italian hub, boasting pretty much everything one could wish for on a perfect Italy tour.

It is home to astonishing architecture, including grand monuments such as the Florence Cathedral and Palazzo Vecchio. Make sure to also pay a visit to the charming Ponte Vecchio, another unique wonder of local architecture.

Florence is also an unparalleled temple for art lovers as it houses some of the most renowned museums and art pieces in the world including but not limited to Michelangelo’s “David” located in the Galleria dell’Accademia, Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” in Uffizi Gallery, the one-of-a-kind frescoes by Fra Angelico in the church of San Marco, and so much more.

London. credit: Dominika Gregušová / Pexels

2.  London

Charming in a completely different way, next on the bucket list is bustling London. It is a major business and tourism hub, ensuring an endless catalogue of things to see and do, which is topped by lively nightlife and plenty of events.

The main points of attraction, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, etc., should definitely appear on your London itinerary, but don’t forget to search for the hidden gems or some memorable cultural activities as well.

Camden is a great idea for a glimpse into the vivacious life of the locals and visitors likewise, all gathered to enjoy the vibrant daily life of this unique neighborhood.

For a different kind of unique cultural experience, visit the renowned Victoria Palace Theatre to catch a musical or any other performance, which is ensured to leave a lasting impression.

Finally, why not visit the truly magical Harry Potter Studios? Harry Potter is a British classic, and the mystical charm still attracts a huge fanbase today. Jump on the train at Euston for a 20-minute journey and you’ll arrive at the home of Hogwarts itself, ready for a day of spell-binding film sets and dazzling displays of movie magic.

3.  Paris

Another thing ensured to leave a lasting impression is Paris, the third city on the bucket list for Europe. Did you know that you can actually take a train from London to Paris? That allows you to create the perfect itinerary for Europe and kill two birds with one stone by visiting several hubs on one trip.

Similar to London, Paris has a vast array of activities and sights to enjoy, as well as some iconic attractions that are must-visits while in the City of Love.

These include such globally acknowledged sites as the Louvre, Montmartre, and, of course, the imposing Eiffel Tower.

To top it all off, Paris, like any other French city, is brimming with an abundance of amazing places to eat, including countless Michelin-starred restaurants.

Amsterdam. Credit: Liam Gant/Pexels

4.  Amsterdam

You can also take a London to Amsterdam train, which takes you directly to number four on this bucket list. The Dutch capital is undoubtedly a must-visit in Europe, ensuring beautiful sites to admire, plenty of peculiar tours and activities to take part in, unseen wonders of local cuisine to taste, and some friendly locals to meet.

The city is also home to plenty of museums, galleries and other points of interest for creative and curious minds to explore.


5.  Budapest

An often overlooked destination in central Europe, Budapest is a pleasant surprise. It offers an amalgam of one-of-a-kind heritage dating back hundreds of years ago and the modern-day wonders of the 21st century.

These two sides are represented by authentic architecture and customs, such as thermal baths located all over the city, as well as modern buildings and infrastructure making it easy to travel between different points of interest.

Another great example of these two worlds colliding is the bustling nightlife that takes over the charming old streets once the sun has set. Make sure not to miss your chance to witness it all firsthand.

6.  Lisbon

Portugal is a destination that enchants visitors with its beaches, sunny weather, beautiful culture, delicious wonders of local cuisine and many more captivating assets.

Its capital – Lisbon – is no exception, providing a high concentration of hotspots to visit and explore. Start with a tour around the beautiful Jerónimos Monastery, enjoy a coffee break with a Pastel de nata after lunch and end your night with an exceptional Fado show and a glass of flavourful Portuguese wine.

The famous Ferris Wheel in Vienna.

7.  Vienna

Located on the Danube River, lovely Vienna is a place that will leave a lasting impression. Its quintessential facades, sounds of classical music, unparalleled history and exquisite heritage add up to an unforgettable travel experience without a doubt.

Pay a visit to Mozarthaus Vienna, once home to the renowned composer Mozart, admire the breathtaking City Hall, or simply get lost wandering the beautiful streets of the elegant capital of Austria. There is no wrong way to uncover its charm.


8.  Oslo

Oslo in Norway is the perfect mix of man-made marvels and mind-boggling wonders of nature. It has something special to offer for every type of traveller, whether you’re interested in theatres and art, or you prefer hiking and active outdoor pursuits.

It is also an excellent addition to any European travel bucket list because there is plenty to see and do throughout the entire year, so there is no wrong time for a visit.

Berlin. Credit: Filiz Elaerts / Unsplash

9.  Berlin

Berlin is another multifaceted destination not to be missed while travelling in Europe. It provides insight into significant historical events, such as those focusing on the Berlin Wall, as well as into an unparalleled underground culture. It also boasts architectural wonders alongside all sorts of installations and artwork, which makes it a city like no other in Europe.

Berlin is a foodie’s paradise. It is overflowing with restaurants, bars, cafes and eateries of different kinds, providing everything from traditional German cuisine to dishes from all over the world.

10.   Copenhagen

The lovely city of Copenhagen in Denmark provides a relaxing atmosphere and allows you to enjoy life at your own pace. It is where the bustling lifestyle meets bicycles, authentic heritage meets hipster culture and adventure-seeking tourists meet hospitable locals.

Copenhagen is brimming with delightful spots to unwind, grab a coffee or a meal while marvelling at the views, or simply enjoy people watching as the world goes by. A great place for that is the colorful Nyhavn waterfront, but be sure that there are many more to discover while in the city.

These are just some European cities that make a great bucket list for travelling around the continent. However, there is no wrong choice when it comes to bucket lists as every city in any European country boasts its own magic. It’s up to you now to unveil it.

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