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The best leisure battery for campervans & motorhomes in 2022

Written by Fiona

January 25 2022

Most caravans and motorhomes have multiple lighting fixtures, such as an oven, television, kettle and other appliances that require power. To provide a constant supply of power for the appliances, you will need to use a leisure battery.

This article is from a researcher who tested a number of leisure batteries and rated them based on powering 12V appliances within a caravan. They considered the following factors: Size, amperage CCA, design warranty and value for money.

Leisure batteries will not last eternally and will eventually need replacement, as well. You can try to use a charger, but this may not work. We recommend purchasing a new leisure battery to avoid power fluctuations in your motorhome or caravan.

There are many not-so-expensive options, but they won’t always be able to meet your needs. We recommend spending slightly more on a higher quality model. Also, you are completely free to refer to the lithium leisure battery type so as to be more eco-friendly.

Here is a listing of the top leisure batteries which will power all 12V appliances in your boat, caravan or motorhome for extended periods.

The best leisure battery

SuperBatt DT 120AH Leisure Battery

SuperBatt DT 120AH Leisure Battery.

SuperBatt is a well-known brand in the leisure battery industry. The DT120 is their most powerful model. This dual-purpose battery can be used for both starting and auxiliary purposes, but it is most commonly used as a leisure battery. It has a capacity of 120 Ah and is rated at 880 CA in terms of performance.

The SuperBatt DT120 Batterie also includes:

  • Dual terminals
  • Maintenance-free
  • Advanced calcium technology
  • Design for heavy-duty
  • 330 x 172 x 242mm
  • Charge indicators
  • Battery power that lasts longer
  • 2-year warranty.

This battery is ideal for caravans, motorhomes, and boats equipped with multiple appliances. Its 120 Ah capacity makes it more than ideal. Additionally, the battery comes with a 2-year warranty that gives you complete peace of mind.

Lucas LX31MF Deep Cycle Leisure Battery

Lucas LX31MF Deep Cycle Leisure Battery.

The Lucas LX31MF leisure battery is two more deep cycle options. It’s the latest generation the brand has to offer. The Lucas brand claims that its leisure battery can handle over 500 recharges. This is a huge difference from other alternatives, which can only manage 100 to 150 cycles.

The Lucas LX31MF Full Cycle Battery also includes:

  • 105 Ah capacity with 900 CCA
  • Dual terminals
  • Charging indicators
  • Reinforced carrying handle
  • 330 x 172 x 242 mm in size
  • Included is a 3-year warranty.

It’s an all-around leisure battery capable of powering all 12V appliances. It’s more costly than the SuperBatt option, but it comes with a three-year warranty.

SuperBatt LM110 110AH Leisure Battery

SuperBatt LM110 110AH Leisure Battery.

SuperBatt also offers the LM110, which is the most widely used 110AH leisure battery. It uses advanced calcium technology and is also maintenance-free.

The SuperBatt Lm110 Battery also has the following features:

  • 110 Ah and 800A
  • It is suitable for marine and leisure.
  • 354 x 175 x 190 mm in size
  • Auxiliary and starting
  • Long-lasting design
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty.

The SuperBatt LM110 leisure battery is a 110 Ah leisure unit that’s ideal for a caravan, motorhome, THD motorhome, or boat. Its popularity stems from its high amperage rating and excellent value for money.

Yusa L36-100 Caravan Leisure Battery

Yusa L36-100 Caravan Leisure Battery.

The Yusa L36100 premium leisure battery is optimised for multiple charging and discharging. It’s made to OEM standards and comes ready to use straight out of the box. The product comes with a heavy-duty carry handle that makes it easy to transport to other locations if needed.

The Yusa Battery also includes:

  • 100 Ah and 1200 Watts
  • Maximum 160 cycles
  • NCC verified
  • Flame arrestor integrated
  • Sealed and maintenance-free
  • 353 x 175 x 190 mm in size.

The Yusa L36100 is the perfect leisure battery for your boat, caravan, or motorhome. You can also be NCC certified and have multiple safety features to ensure your complete security.

Numax LV22MF Leisure Battery

Numax LV22MF Leisure Battery.

Another NCC-verified leisure battery is the Numax LV22MF. It has a 75 Ah rating. It’s smaller than the other options, but it’s still ideal for small to medium boats, motorhomes and caravans.

The Numax also includes:

  • 261 x 175 x 220 mm in size
  • Lead-acid with safety seal
  • NCC Class Rating of C
  • Maintenance-free
  • Weighs 21.7 KG
  • 2-year warranty.

This leisure battery is NCC-verified, making it the best choice for use in a caravan. There are many models available from the brand, with different sizes and performances to meet your needs.

Platinum SD6110L Leisure Plus Caravan Battery

Platinum SD6110L Leisure Plus Caravan Battery.

Another NCC-verified battery, the Platinum Leisure Plus, is now available in a variety. The brand’s most beloved series, the Leisure Plus, is available in multiple forms. This particular model is a dual-purpose battery that can be used for both leisure and marine auxiliary purposes.

The Platinum SD6110L Leisure + Battery also includes:

  • 110AH capacity
  • 330 x 172 x 242 mm in size
  • Included is a 3-year warranty
  • NCC Class C rating
  • Construction with lead-acid.

The Platinum SD6110L is a great all-around leisure battery that offers both performance and value for money. You could be absolutely sure that the battery is safe and reliable when used in your motorhome or caravan.

How the leisure batteries were rated:

The tester gathered a lot of knowledge with various leisure batteries, whether they were camping in their own caravan or in the caravan of a friend or family member. These include batteries made by SuperBatt (as seen below) and many other brands.

They based their opinions on hours of research, multiple setups and many other factors when rating the leisure batteries in this article. They considered the following factors: size, amperage CCA, design warranty, and value for money.

Guide to buying leisure batteries

Nearly every boat, motorhome, or caravan will have a 12V appliance. A suitable leisure battery is required to ensure they have sufficient power.

This guide will help you to make informed purchasing decisions.

Terminology for leisure batteries

You may feel a bit confused if you are just starting to research the topic of batteries. Although there are many terminologies, the following are the most important metrics to know.

  1. Voltage is the process of moving current around a battery. Most batteries are 12V, which is compatible with most modern appliances.
  2. Ah (Amperage hours) The time that a battery can supply power to appliances. Larger batteries provide more AH.
  3. CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) – You will need a high CCA to start your engine.
  4. Capacity refers to the battery’s capacity over a specified time period.
  5. Cycle The time that a battery can last before it needs to be recharged again is called the cycle. The battery’s lifespan will increase the more cycles it can survive.

The above terminologies can help you analyse certain performance metrics for each battery. 

Construction types

A lead-acid or AGM battery is the most popular leisure battery.

The lead-acid type is most commonly used for semi-traction and dual-purpose batteries. This is a solution of water with acid that covers the internal lead plates. Most brands offer the choice of semi-sealed or sealed designs. Because it doesn’t require any topping up, the sealed design is the best. It’s important to remember that lead-acid batteries must breathe and should not be stored in a sealed container.

The AGM Battery is also known as Absorbent Glass Mat. It consists of an acid that has been dipped in a material between two lead plates. This type has the advantage of being spill-proof and can be mounted in almost any location. You can also get them as semi-traction or dual-purpose options, which offer excellent recharge cycles.


You should verify that the leisure battery you are considering buying is compatible before you buy it. While checking the battery you have is the best way to find a compatible specification, it doesn’t always mean that it’s the best.

After you have found the specifications you desire, you will need to verify the size of your battery before you buy it. You will need to measure the tray to make sure it is the right size.

Calcium technology

Modern leisure batteries will use advanced calcium technology. This technology is used to strengthen lead plates that are used in the construction of the battery. This technology is advantageous because it makes the battery more durable and doesn’t need any maintenance.

NCC Verified

NCC’s verification is designed to give the caravan and motorhome owners peace of mind about the battery’s safety and reliability. The verification is divided into three categories (A-B and C) which provide an indication of the intended use of the battery. You can choose a battery that has been NCC certified if you aren’t sure what type to use for your caravan.

Use car batteries

A car battery is not suitable for leisure use in the vast majority of applications. Even if you have the most powerful battery, it will not be able to provide low power for extended periods. Different separators are used for leisure batteries. They have thicker plates. This allows them to supply power to 12V appliances for longer periods.


All the recommendations we have made are affordable and suitable for all budgets. We recommend that you verify that the batteries are compatible with your boat, caravan or motorhome before buying any of these batteries. We recommend a leisure battery with 110 Ah and above if you plan to use many appliances.

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