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Review: Night Owl Outdoor Duvet

Written by Fiona

February 12 2022

So if you ever want to find the warmest and comfiest place in any location, just search for your whippet. (That’s if you have a whippet, which brilliantly I do!). I had only just unpacked the Night Owl Outdoor Duvet – sent to me by The Fine Bedding Company – when Wispa whippet disappeared.

I searched for her in all the usual places – my bed, the spare room bed, her kitchen bed, her other bed in the living room etc – but she was nowhere to be seen. I was starting to become a little worried, especially as I had also looked UNDER the bed covers by this point – and, then, I spotted a nose poking out of a sandwich of the Night Owl Outdoor Duvet.

I had left the duvet folded over on a sofa and Wispa had managed to snuggle herself inside. She isn’t normally a fan of our sofa because it is cold and slippery leather. But the wonderfully soft, thick and warm fleece lining of the outdoor duvet was apparently the best place that a whippet could spend time.

She had fallen fast asleep in the cosiest and snuggliest of cocoons.

I had been planning to pull the duvet around myself because it was a cold evening and the temperature in the house had dropped to fairly chilly. But how could I move Wispa? Instead, I sat down next to her and enjoyed the edge of the duvet.

The duvet is £60 from The Fine Bedding Company.

What is the Night Owl Outdoor Duvet?

The Fine bedding Company took the trademark style and convenience of their signature Night Owl duvet and re-imagined it for the great outdoors. 

The super-soft and fluffy Sherpa fleece lining keeps you warm when the evenings get a little cooler. And, thanks to the Teflon EcoElite™ technology, the Outdoor Duvet is both water repellent and stain-resistant, too.

The duvet is also machine washable and will dry in a couple of hours.

Added to this The Fine Bedding Company is keen on sustainability and comfort. It is a fourth-generation UK-based company with its own 100% zero waste eco-factory. The firm has been producing “premium down feather and innovative fibre filled bedding for more than 100 years”.

Features include:

  • Cover: Water resistant nylon ripstop with a soft polyester fleece reverse
  • Filling: 100% Smartfil® polyester from recycled PET bottles
  • Wash: 40°C in a large capacity machine. Tumble dry until thoroughly dry.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dimension: 135 x 200cm.
  • £60 from The Fine Bedding Company.

What’s it like?: Night Owl Outdoor Duvet

As you have already read, the duvet has two sides. There’s the thick and very fleecy inside and a water-repellent / stain resistant nylon outer.

I absolutely love the duvet (when I get the chance to use it). Wrapping it around me feels very luxurious and within minutes my own body heat generates a warmth that is trapped in the wonderfully thick and soft fleece.

I like that the outer is a practical and durable rip-stop nylon with water and stain resistance. The fleece is also made with recycled plastic bottles, which is a great environmental tick.

Simply wrap the large duvet round you and enjoy the warmth. You do need to tuck in the edges under your legs to stop the cold air getting in.

I took the duvet for an outing to my campervan on a very cold night. I can confirm that it was perfectly and brilliantly warming, even when the temperature was hovering at zero.

I can’t tell you if it will keep you warm all night on a camping trip because I’ve not tested that yet but I am pretty sure it will. The outdoor duvet would make a great addition over a sleeping bag on colder nights or you could use it on its own for a summer camping night.

The duvet packs into its own bag when not in use. Note, this is not a very small and light package. I think this duvet is best suited to camping and campervan trips where you arrive at your camping spot by car. What I mean by this is that I wouldn’t pack the duvet when heading off for a lightweight backpacking or bike packing trip but I don’t think that is the aim of the product anyway.

The duvet will also be a huge asset at summer evening barbecues when temperatures inevitably drop. I can see that I won’t just be competing for the duvet with Wispa then though. Everyone who spots it in my possession will want to wrap themselves in it.

I am considering buy a couple more Night Owl Outdoor Duvets for this house alone…

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