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Best family cars for the outdoors

Written by Fiona

November 24 2022

When you expand your family, you may wonder what vehicle is ideal for you and your new family. If you enjoy nature, you will want a good family car suitable for rugged outdoor roads. Whether you wish to take your family to the lake or the coast for the weekend, you will need an appropriate vehicle for your family and the trip. Key will be a vehicle with lots of inside space and plenty of clearance. 

What Makes a Good Family Car? 

Everyone knows that kids can be messy and unruly. That said, you may want to look into a vehicle specified for your kids. A car that has plenty of room is excellent for most families. 

You may want specific things for your family, like for disabilities or sports. As your kids grow, they will start to get friends and participate in activities you may need to take them to.

Plenty of Seating Room in the Car  

The first thing you want to consider when purchasing a new family car is how much sitting room there is. Three teenagers will obviously take up much more room than one booster seat and a child.

For example, third-row seating will benefit you if you have three kids or more. A small family that intends to stay small can get by with a smaller car.

Your kids will make friends as they age. If you plan to be involved in sports and other events that include hauling kids around, you may opt for a larger vehicle with more seating. 

What Makes a Car Good for the Outdoors? 

Enjoying nature may also mean coping with narrow, winding roads and some rougher terrain so you should think about the clearance between the car and the ground, as well as all-wheel or four-wheel drive.

All-Wheel or Four-Wheel Drive and Clearance 

All-wheel and 4-wheel Drive differ in a few ways. Either one will be suitable for exploring rugged terrain. Back roads that you may need to take could be rough or muddy. All-wheel and 4-wheel drive can help in those situations. Without the traction that using all four wheels provides, you will not have to stress much about getting stuck somewhere.  

There could be high parts of the road or other parts of rugged terrain that you need to drive over. A vehicle with low clearance would not be suitable in that scenario. The higher your vehicle’s clearance, the less you worry when exploring.

What are the best family cars for the outdoors? 

Only a select few cars are the best family cars for outdoor use. You might want check out the following vehicles with distinct features you must take advantage of. 

Tesla Model Y

The manufacturer that is known best for their electric vehicles or EVs is Tesla. It was one of the first manufacturers to come out with an all-electric vehicle, with many to follow. With a smaller and more practical design, the Tesla Model Y can be the perfect family car for your next trip to the lake.

This model of Tesla has a roomy cabin, high riding stance, and abundant cargo space. Everything you need in a family car for the outdoors. You will love taking this Tesla with its long range and rapid speed. 

Kia EV6

The following family car you need to look into is the EV6 Kia. This car has everything you and your family needs and more. The EV6 Kia in the UK has plenty of cargo space and with five doors and seats, it also has plenty of room.

With a long-distance range, you can explore freely without worrying about charging. This car could be your ultimate outdoor family car with a fast charge time and 300 miles on one charge. 


To conclude, it’s a good idea to have a list of criteria when buying your next family car. If you are looking at electric cars you might consider the Kia EV6 or Tesla Model Y.

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