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New Zealand road trip tips

Written by Fiona

September 12 2023

New Zealand is a truly stunning place, with so many amazing things to see. There are a great many highly rated attractions scattered throughout New Zealand. With the urge to see as much as you can, you may consider a road trip as it’s a fantastic way to see a country. With that in mind, these top tips can help you make the most of your journey and enjoy it as much as possible. 

Before you go

Before you head off, remember to sort out your documents. Way too many excited holidaymakers get carried away with booking their trip but forget to sort out the essentials until the last minute.

For travelling to New Zealand there are visa considerations that need to take priority so organise your New Zealand visa before planning the rest of your trip. 

If you want to make sorting out your travel documents as easy as possible, simply visit for more information and your next steps. 

Key road trip tips

These road trip tips will help ensure you have the best possible time. Some may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t consider the obvious before departing!

1. Choose your vehicle 

Are you renting a car, a truck, something sporty, or will you be taking a motorhome? Plan your vehicle choice ahead of time as this will determine everything that’s to follow. If you’re taking a camper there are some practical motorhome accessories you might consider investing in. 

2. Plan each step in advance

The best thing to do is to plan your whole journey from the beginning. Know how many miles you intend to cover every single day, and know how far you plan to get. Plans always change, but it will help you to have a consistent basis to work from to keep your timings consistent. 

3. Book your stops in advance

Somewhere to stop is always essential and it makes sense to book in advance. Whether you’re planning on hotels, Airbnbs, or you’re in a motorhome and you’re pulling up to a pitch. Book as much as you can in advance to help save money and bring order to your itinerary. 

4. Plan breakdown cover 

The worst can happen, and even the most reliable vehicle can break down. It’s important you know exactly what to do, who to call, and what your coverage entails. Much of New Zealand is remote, so be sure you carry blankets, backup communication, and provisions in case you’re waiting for aid.

5. Factor in fuel economy

Think about how much fuel your vehicle will consume. A thirsty motorhome will consume more and require more stops than a small hatchback, of course. Not only will this mean it’s more expensive but it can also cost more time, and require additional planning to avoid getting caught high and dry.

These simple steps can be taken well in advance. They won’t impact the spontaneity of your holiday, they will give you the foundation you need to ensure you’re safe and properly placed to enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer. 

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