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Review: Princeton Tec Remix headtorch

Written by Fiona

October 22 2023

Princeton Tec has imade some updates to its head torch range, which includes improving the illumination power and run-time of three key products. Enhancements have been made to the Refuel, Remix and Vizz headtorches. I have been testing the Princeton Tec Remix headtorch

Princeton Tec Refuel head torch
Princeton Tec Remix head torch
Princeton Tec Vizz head torch

Details of the Princeton Tec Remix headtorches

The Princeton Tec Refuel head torch is simple and user-friendly with only one mode, a dimmable white flood beam. It now as 300 lumens (up from the previous model’s 250 lumens). It’s priced at £39.95.

The Princeton Tec Remix head torch has a longer run-time – 63 hours – with light brightness increased to 450 lumens from 300 lumens. For preserving night vision, it also features a cluster of red LEDs for close at hand tasks. 

Other features include an asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure and large push button switch. It’s priced at £59.95.

The Princeton Tec Vizz head torch is waterproof, durable, bright and versatile. It has 550 lumens (up from 420 lumens). Other features include a Maxbright LED that creates a powerful spot beam for longer distances, a pair of white Ultrabright LEDs to deliver a flood beam and two red Ultrabright LEDs for close-range lighting while preserving night adjusted vision. 

When not in use, the Vizz can be locked to prevent accidental turn on and the translucent switch acts as a low battery indicator. It’s priced at £69.95.


My thoughts: Princeton Tec Remix headtorch

I always prefer more illumination than less, so I would be keen to try the Fizz head torch but since I was sent the Remix to test, I will give you my thoughts on that.

To start with, it is easy to wear and the adjustment of the strap to fit is simple. You can loosen or tighten it at the elastic strap to give the right fit around your head.  I would say it looks and feels more like a walker’s headtorch strap.

The head torches I use for running have features to make them suited to the repeated movement – and potential sweat – of running, for example, a padded strap, a grip strip inside the strap and details to keep the headtorch in place on the head, such as an over-the-head security strap.

Meanwhile, the Princeton Tea Remix has a single, wide strap that does stay on the head but is better aided if you wear it on a top of a buff when running. It works perfectly well for walking and camping activities.

A big bonus of the headtorch is its simple operating functions. There is a large switch on the top of the head torch that is easy to locate while it is on your head and it just takes a series of simple presses. One short press gives you a red light and another short press brightens the red light. The red light is useful for doing close-up activities, such as opening and shutting a tent.

If you hold the switch down a little longer it goes to a bright white light. Two more switches and the white light gets brighter each time. To switch off the head torch, you hold the button firmly down and it goes out.

The light can be moved on its bracket to point the beam where you want it. 

The head torch is not the lightest weight of the head torches I own or have tested. Nor is it the most compact. But it’s pretty good especially given it has three small batteries inside the casing.

I wore it on a dark night to walk in my local area (we do not have street lights) and friends coming towards me thought I was a cyclist because the light was so bright. I could easily see metres in front and to the side of me, especially on the brightest setting.

The beam is wide and round but doesn’t have a spotlight focus. For this reason I am more likely to use it for walking, running on more even surfaces, such as tarmac or wide tracks and for and camping. When running on narrow woodland paths, for example, I prefer to have a narrower and brighter beam.

I should point out that my night vision, especially as I age, is not as good as it once was. I think this headtorch would be more than sufficient for most people whether they want to walk or run, it’s just that I need a brighter spotlight for some of my night-time running.

Strangely, while most other head torch makers these days favour a rechargeable battery, the Princeton has three AAA batteries. This does mean the light will last for many, many hours – days in fact! – but it’s not as user friendly as a rechargeable. Also, I am imagining, the use of batteries is not so environmentally friendly because you will need to replace the three batteries.

Another negative is the headtorch is only rated water resistant. That is not really good enough for some of the UK’s weather.

The price is quite high, in my opinion. It could do with being around £20 to £25 cheaper. You can buy similar rechargeable head torches with the same lumens output, or greater, for less money. For example, Alpkit’s Qark 580 lumen running head torch is £40.

However, on the positive side the head torch appears to be good quality and it’s really easy to operate with the large button and there is a lot to be said for that. I find some head torches have to many settings and complications to make them user-friendly.

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