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Review: Scarpa Mescalito TRK Planet GTX hiking boots

Written by Fiona

November 16 2023

Footwear brand Scarpa has launched new hiking footwear, the Mescalito TRK Planet GTX hiking boots. The boots are categorised as general trekking boots, but they feel like mountain hiking boots to me. They have a stiff sole and they are made with robust and durable sole and upper. It’s the sort of boot I choose for wet or cold weather hiking in the Scottish mountains and most likely in winter.

What is the Scarpa Planet range?

Scarpa are keen to point out the eco credentials of the boots. As part of a Green Manifesto, Scarpa has pledged to reduce the environmental impact of producing their footwear. To do this, they have designed some footwear made with materials from recycled content. This is called The Planet Range.

The Planet range started with last year’s Scarpa Mojito Planet (I receive a small commission from Amazon sales.) The Scarpa Mescalito TRK Planet bring the Planet philosophy to a hiking boot.

The boot includes Perspair® fabric, which is high performance, lightweight and breathable. This fabric is made from a single-piece upper with 45% recycled yarns and combines functionally different zones with abrasion-resistant PUTEK inserts.

This boot also features a new Gore-Tex Flux membrane, which contains 98% recycled fabrics.
The Vibram Ecostep Evo compound sole is made with 30% recycled rubber.

Features of Review: Scarpa Mescalito TRK Planet GTX hiking boots

  • Upper: Seamless Perspair® and PU Tek Hypertex®
    GORE-TEX® Flux 3L Bluesign approved and total recycled textile content
    Vibram® Ecostep Evo Outsole Compound with up to 30% Recycled rubber
  • Male and female fit
  • Price: £245
  • See Scarpa and on Amazon.

My thoughts: Scarpa Mescalito GTX TRK Planet walking boot

The Mescalito TRK Planet is said to be “designed for long hikes with a heavier backpack”. Also: “This model combines the best technologies and sustainable materials with comfort, support and stability.”

I choose to wear boots with a stiffer sole when walking in winter, as well as early spring and late autumn, in Scottish mountains. This is when the terrain is likely to be wetter and covered in ice or snow. A stiffer sole helps with grip in these conditions and allows me to add crampons if required. The stiffer upper also protects against the cold, wet and vegetation.

In contrast, in spring, summer and autumn, I am more likely to wear trail running shoes or summer hiking boots because I prefer lighter weight footwear that is more flexible. It’s only in winter in Scotland that I would choose a stiff-soled boot.

The Scarpa Mescalito GTX TRK Planet walking boot is surprisingly comfortable. Having spent many months in trail shoes and summer boots, I can feel like an affront to my feet to pull on stiffer boots. But, the Scarpa Mescalito GTX TRK Planet walking boots feel quite comfy.

I notice the stiffer sole straight away. Having a stiffer sole is a good idea in winter mountains, especially when it’s slippery underfoot due to mud, ice or snow. The footwear gives good traction and I know that if I need to add crampons I can do so.

The heel of the boot can be kicked into rough terrain and offers good grip on downhills, especially on wet, muddy or snowy ground. The soles offer good grip on wet rocks, too.

I am not the biggest fan of stiff-soled hiking bots when walking top steep slopes but after a few outings my calves get used to this. A stiffer sole results in extra pressure on calf muscles so it’s a good idea to build up the hours you spend in these types of boots if you are moving from more flexible soles to stiffer soles.

The uppers look and feel robust and durable. The main fabric part feels tough and offers good protection from rough vegetation and rocks, as well as keeping the wet out.

There is a decent extra rubber rand at the toecap and forefoot, too.

The cuff rises up the ankle to give good protection and stability. Despite the stiffness of the upper part of the boot, there is plenty of comfortable cushioning at the ankle. This helps to prevent abrasion and rubbing on the skin of the ankle when walking.

The boots lace up comfortably, although, because I have a narrow foot, I have found that the boots are a little loose across the forefoot. There is a bit too much forefoot volume for my slim feet as well. I’d say the boots are ideal for people with a medium width foot.

The laces stay nicely secured, which is always a bonus.
Even in heavy rain and puddles the boots keep my feet really dry. You’ll want to add gaiters to prevent water or rain getting in at the top of the boot in very wet conditions.

Also like that the boot is made with environmental considerations. Many brands are trying to do more to tick eco and green credentials and this is welcomed by many outdoors enthusiasts.

Overall, this is a great boot although it does seem rather pricey at £245. Scarpa is a brand renowned for making good quality and long lasting boots but you should be aware that synthetic uppers combined with Gore-Tex membrane do wear out before leather boots. It’s the waterproofing part that tends to wear first.

I can see me getting many, many days of mountain walking in these boots over the coming months.

  • * I was sent the boots without charge in exchange for an honest review.

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