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Review: Whitby Gear Monocular

Written by Fiona

November 20 2023

Whitby Gear has launched two monocular products, designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep an eye on landscapes and wildlife while on the move. Lightweight and compact, the Whitby Gear Monocular 8×21 and 8×42 are described as easy to adjust while in motion and allow the user to keep one eye free, so that they can stay aware of their surroundings. 

Whitby Gear 8×21 Monocular

The Whitby Gear 8×21 monocular is compact at 90mm by 30mm and weighs 66g. It comes with an adjustable eyecup and a black nylon carry case and lanyard. The size is ideal for travelling light, whatever the destination, and can be easily stowed in a pocket for quick access.

With simple focus adjustment and a good range, the Whitby 8×21 Monocular is a useful companion. It retails at £24.95.

Whitby Gear 8×42 Monocular

The larger Whitby Gear 8×42 Monocular promises a high level of performance across a wide range of magnification. The product has been designed to deliver good quality light gathering, with impressive depth of field and area cover, which is helpful for following birds in flight or other fast moving wildlife.

Product dimensions are 160mm by 60mm and it weighs 352g. The Whitby Gear 8×42 Monocular comes with an adjustable eye cup, lens cap cover, a black nylon carry case and lanyard. It retails at £49.95.

On test: Whitby Gear 8×42 Monocular

We own several different sizes of binoculars and monoculars, from small and compact to large. The Whitby Gear 8×42 Monocular fits in the middle. It feels very good quality and the casing is robust and durable. There is ahigh quality grip surface so you can feel confident about holding the gadget in one hand. The two lens covers also look and feel durable.

It is simple to adjust the focus with one dial and the quality of vision and magnification is excellent. I could spot a bird of prey flying high over our garden very easily.

I am not so sure about the feature: “Easy to adjust while in motion and allow the user to keep one eye free”. Once I am looking out of one eye in the monocular, I find it difficult to be aware of the vision out of my other eye. In fact, I tend to close the other eye.

It’s a great gadget for carrying with you if you go walking, or for leaving on the windowsill at home to spot garden wildlife.

Overall this is a neat and high quality product that doesn’t seem too expensive.

You might want to choose the Whitby Gear 8×21 monocular if you are looking for a smaller and lighter product but remember the magnification will not be so good.

The Whitby Gear monoculars and binoculars are available at

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